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My SEO Consulting Services are $100 per hour, with ongoing monthly SEO services starting at $500 per month. Full Technical SEO Audits start at $1500.

I provide SEO consulting services for businesses and individuals. As an SEO consultant and SEO expert (having practiced SEO since 1996) I have seen a lot of websites come and go. Some have been more successful than others. Why do some online businesses seem to just “pop up overnight” and become extremely successful, being found just about everywhere online? These businesses have only been around for a short period of time, they seem to be found everywhere online, but they do not offer better products or services than you do. What are they doing that you are not doing? Most likely they have an internet marketing plan, and that marketing plan includes several things, starting with SEO and social media marketing, as well as great content. If they’re not investing in proper SEO and content, then they’re using paid methods to get traffic to their website.

If you invest money into a great website and web design and don’t include an internet marketing plan, then you will not see a great Return on Investment (ROI) from your website. Even the best website design will not bring visitors to your website. It’s the internet marketing and SEO consulting services that brings visitors to your website through search engine optimization and social media marketing. I realize that you have invested a lot of money into great website design and web development. It’s now time to start appealing to your potential customers: those who are searching for the products and services that you offer.

Search for Your Company Name

Perhaps when you visit a search engine like Google and search for your company name, you already show up at the top of the list. So why would you want to show up in the search results for something different than your company name? It’s all about the keywords that people search for to find something. Your potential customers that have not heard about your company are searching at their favorite search engine using a keyword or keyword phrase. If your website shows up on the first page of the search results for that keyword, and you sell what they are looking for, there is a good chance that they will come visit your website and learn about your company.

What could being found in the Search engines do for my business?

Let’s take, for example, an local business that currently sells their merchandise at their local retail store in a local shopping mall. This is their only retail location. The shopping mall has a certain number of visitors every year, and even though this local business has a great location in the mall, there are only certain times of year when the shopping mall is very crowded. How can this business attract even more customers? They already have a website where people can buy online, and a recent review of the sales showed that the website’s customers are mostly likely people who have visited their retail store in the shopping mall.

A local business decided to try SEO by themselves; they then hired an SEO Consultant when they discovered they weren’t getting the results they wanted. By hiring someone like me to perform an SEO audit on their current website, I was able to find major issues with the website that prevented it from being indexed properly in the search engines. After working with this local business and using search engine optimization best practices, the business started selling thousands of dollars of sales every day on their website. They eventually closed their local retail location at the shopping mall and relocated to a local warehouse, doing the majority of their business online.

SEO Consulting Services or an SEO Agency?

Before you make any decisions on hiring someone to help you with your internet marketing, you need to decide if you need to hire an SEO consultant who provides SEO consulting services like myself or an SEO Agency. Do you want to deal with one person, the actual person doing the work (like I do)? Or, do you want to call someone at an agency, an account manager, talk to them, and have them relay the message to someone doing the work? There are pros and cons to hiring both. You may want to spend the time to read my post called Should You Hire a Consultant or an SEO Agency? to help you make your decision.

How can you take advantage of my SEO Consulting Services?

I can provide you with a variety of internet marketing services. Whether your business needs more visitors and more sales overall, or whether you need a very specific part of the online marketing process such as a Search Engine Optimization Audit, Link Building, or even Social Media Account Setup and Management, I can handle it for you. Here are some of the website marketing services that I provide:

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization Audit Services
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing
Link Building, Link Cleanup, and Linking Campaigns
Social Media Account Management

Contact me right now and let’s talk about not only bringing visitors, but bring the RIGHT visitors to your website, people who are looking for exactly the products or services that you sell. I can help you see a great Return on Investment from your website.

Website Marketing, SEO, SEO consulting services, Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management can be confusing. Talk to someone who has over 20 years of website marketing experience who can steer you in the right direction, not just someone who is going to try to “sell you” search engine marketing or website marketing services.

I will be happy to provide you with no obligation price quote for Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing services, or Online Reputation Management services.

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