Online Reputation Management Services

What exactly is online reputation management? ORM is a strategy of dealing with the management of what is being said about you or your company’s brand online. One major concern for companies and individuals is what shows up on the search results when you search for a company name or when you search at a search engine for your name.

When was the last time you searched Google for your name? Or your company’s name? Do the search results show positive things about you or your company’s brand? Are there negative reviews or negative things being said about you or your company?

Did you know that in the majority of cases it is possible to change what appears in the search results? Let’s look at a specific example of online reputation management.

For one financial company, what was said about them online was extremely critical. Before someone invested a lot of money with them, many potential customers typically do some research about the financial company. Several years ago, there was a lawsuit brought against the financial company. After a year or so, the lawsuit was eventually dismissed because the claims against the financial company were deemed to be untrue. However, when you searched on Google for the company name, someone had posted a copy of the lawsuit online. And documentation regarding the lawsuit remained online. Through online reputation management, not only was I able to push the content related to the lawsuit off of the first page of the search results when you searched for the financial company’s name.

Are you looking for a job? Did you know that many potential employers turn to Google and search for your name before they decide to hire you or not? Certainly that’s not a big issue if you have a very common name. But, if your name is unique and you don’t like the search results when you search for your name then get in touch with me. I can help you with your online reputation.

Whether you are a business and do not currently like the search results that appear when you search for your company name or whether you are a job seeker wanting to make sure that good search results appear when you search for your name, I can help you with all of your online reputation management needs.

Online Reputation Management can be confusing. Talk to someone who has over 10 years of website marketing experience, combined with several years of online reputation management experience. Talk to someone who can steer you in the right direction, not just someone who is going to try to “sell you” online reputation management services.

I will be happy to provide you with no obligation price quote for Online Reputation Management services, and help you fully understand the process and the costs involved.

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