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Bill Hartzer, Matt Cutts
Bill Hartzer with Matt Cutts, from Google

Who is Bill Hartzer?

Bill Hartzer is a successful website and search engine marketing expert, having practiced search engine optimization and website marketing since 1996. Take a look at his many accomplishments:

— Increased online sales for an eCommerce retailer from $5.6 million to $16.9 million within 12 months directly from organic search.

— Reduced a clients annual paid search spend from $180,000 per year to less than $2,000 per year while increasing traffic and conversions with better organic rankings.

— Increased newsletter subscribers for ecommerce retailer from 2,000 to 50,000 and increased sales from $1.2 million to over $3 million within 12 months.

— Increased sales of small startup ecommerce retailer with 100 products from $0 to $10,000 per month within 6 months.

— Designed and implemented social media marketing strategy in Real Estate industry to help nationwide home builder find new clients resulting in seven figure revenue increase.

— Designed and implemented internet marketing strategy which has given law firm national exposure resulting in millions of dollars in new revenue for the law firm.

— Grew internet lead generation company from 0 to $2.6 million in revenues in 3 years.

— Mr. Hartzer is frequent speaker at leading SEO and SEM conferences including Pubcon (Austin, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans conferences, from 2005 to Present) and Search Engine Strategies (Toronto, New York, San Jose, Chicago conferences, 2005 to Present).

— Consistently achieved top 10 search engine rankings for clients in highly competitive markets.

Bill Hartzer with Daniel Bernstein, Google
Bill Hartzer with Daniel Bernstein, Google

“When it comes to getting noticed on the web, if someone loves it, hates it, think it’s funny, or the content you create is controversial, then most likely they will link to it. Links are good for websites.” – Bill Hartzer.

Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple Computer, with Bill Hartzer
Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of Apple Computer, with Bill Hartzer

More from Bill Hartzer, in his own words

“I’m a successful writer and website marketing expert who has personally created hundreds of websites over the years. I created my first website back in 1996 to help promote my former database software business. It was then when I began to learn about the power of the internet and internet search engines and web search, which helped potential customers find my business online.

I have over 17 years of professional writing experience. I’m proud to say that I’ve survived stints as a writer for television, as well as a technical writer for several computer software companies in Florida and in Texas. I combine my writing and online skills to create compelling and useful websites for corporations worldwide. I primarily focus on the optimization in the business to business arena, but I also apply my search engine optimization skills to business to consumer websites, as well. I am currently one the Administrator at the Search Engine Forums website (www.SearchEngineForums.com). ”

Bill Hartzer, Duane Forrester, Bing
Bill Hartzer and Duane Forrester, from Bing.com

“I spend a lot of time searching on the internet as well as optimizing websites. I realize that this industry is constantly changing because what’s acceptable optimization yesterday is not acceptable today. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult and frustrating just to make sure your website continues to appear in the results, let alone in the top 10 rankings. I’m here to help, whether it’s a question about optimizing your website or simply finding something using a search engine.”

During the past several years, some of my many accomplishments include:

— Founder, Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Search Engine Marketing Association (www.dfwsem.org)
— Owner/Author, Corporate Web Site Marketing (www.corporatewebsitemarketing.com)
— Administrator, Search Engine Forums (www.searchengineforums.com, now offline)
— Frequent Speaker, Search Engine Strategies Conferences
— Frequent Speaker, Pubcon Search Engine and Internet Marketing Conference

Susan Bennett, Voice of Siri with Bill Hartzer
Susan Bennett, the Voice of Siri, with Bill Hartzer

Bill Hartzer’s Clients

Over the years, I have worked with clients that range in size from small startups to small and medium sized businesses, to Fortune 500 companies. Some have hired me to perform complex Search Engine Optimization Audits of their websites, while some have hired me to perform monthly search engine optimization services, on retainer. Other clients I have worked with through the interactive marketing agencies I have worked for in the past and work with currently.

The following is a list of clients that I have worked with or currently work with:

Marriott Hotels
Omni Hotels and Resorts
Miraval Resort
License Restoration
Invitation Box
Wedding Paper Divas
Evolution Markets
Service Experts
Lennox International
Colwick Travel
Palm Harbor Homes
Pilgrim’s Pride
Bluegreen Communities
Home Carpet One
Thomas Group
Worthington Direct
Cookies By Design
Dr. Shapiro’s Hair Institute
Global Data Vault
Rydges Hotels & Resorts
Allie Beth Allman & Associates
DFW Real Estate Group
ISC Sales

I am currently the Senior SEO Strategist at Globe Runner SEO, a Dallas SEO consulting firm that offers comprehensive search engine optimization, search marketing, social media marketing, and professional digital marketing services.

If you would like to talk to me directly about promoting your business online or driving more leads to your company’s website, feel free to contact me:

Contact Bill Hartzer:
Bill Hartzer
Senior Strategist
Globe Runner
Email: Bill [at] BillHartzer.com
Mobile: (214) 236-4378
Office: (972) 538-0260
Web: http://www.globerunner.com

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