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What exactly is a Search Engine Optimization Audit? An SEO audit is when a highly experienced Search Engine Optimization Expert, performs an SEO Audit Service for you on your website. The SEO looks at your website with a critical eye–spotting for any “issues” that may be prohibiting your website from ranking well in the search engines. Just like an accountant performs an audit of your finances, a highly experienced SEO expert like myself can perform an audit of your website and your overall online presence.

Did you know that there sometimes can be one very small “factor”, something that your website is doing, the way it is acting (if it’s a dynamic website), or even one small website coding error that could stop your website from being indexed properly in the search engines? All it takes is “one little change” sometimes. And it could be something that is often overlooked by even the most competent webmasters and even the best SEOs in the business.

That’s where I can step in. I have the experience of looking at literally thousands upon thousands of websites over the years and have “seen it all” when it comes to problems with websites. I can properly offer you an SEO audit services. Sometimes it takes an experienced eye (or just someone else), someone who knows what they’re doing, to take a look at your website and figure out why it’s not ranking well in the search engines. I can perform a search engine optimization audit.

Are You Doing Everything Possible?

Even if you think you have done everything possible when it comes to search engine optimization and you think you’re “doing fine” or even doing extremely well online. You need to have a search engine optimization audit performed at least once a year.

Sometimes you need someone to take a look at all of the work that your current search engine optimization company is doing and make sure that they’re doing the right thing and leading you on the right path. I can provide a search engine optimization audit of your website. After all, who wouldn’t want an SEO Audit performed and find out that there’s nothing additional that can be done to increase your company’s revenue?

I will personally perform a full search engine optimization audit of a website that is currently up and running. There are several things that I review, including:
– Search Engine Reputation
– Search Engine Exposure (against other keyword competitors)
– Web Site Structure
– Link popularity
– Internal Link Structure
– Review of Site Meta Data
– Review of Domain name issues

If you’re getting ready to launch a new website, or even perform a website redesign, it’s critical the an SEO audit be performed of that particular version of the site, before it goes live. For website redesigns in particular, it’s important to have someone such as myself perform the SEO audit of the old (current version) of the site as well as the new version of the site. There are many issues that can arise when changing versions of your site, such as making sure that the old URLs redirect to the new URLs. That’s the type of details that I look for when performing an SEO audit of your website.

During a search engine optimization audit and providing SEO audit services, I leave no stone unturned. All of the potential website ranking issues are reviewed, personally by me. I don’t outsource this critical work to anyone else. I use my 18+ years of search engine optimization expertise to tell you why your website isn’t ranking in teh search results as well as it should. Not many others in the SEO industry have the amount of experience that I have. Recommendations are also made, whenever appropriate, should I find something on the website that needs to be addressed.

When was the last time you received a full search engine optimization audit of your website? I recommend a full SEO audit at least once each year. Talk to someone who has over 18 years of website marketing experience who can steer you in the right direction, not just someone who is going to try to “sell you” search engine marketing or website marketing services.

I will be happy to provide you with no obligation price quote for a full SEO Audit of your website.

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