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Google Adds Google Plus Sharing Button to Header

There’s a new Google Plus Sharing Button in town. Google has just added a new Google Plus sharing button to the header, and it not only appears when you’re on Google Plus. In fact, this new sharing button now appears in the header even when you’re reading your Gmail.

Once you click on the icon, it brings down a frame where you can enter the Google Plus post:

Once you enter something (enter a URL, for example, to share a blog post or article or page that you like) and add a comment, you’ll be sharing it on Google Plus.

If you are logged into your Google Account (or logged into someone else’s Google Account, ha!) then you will see this new icon/button wherever you go (on a Google-owned property). The only place where I don’t see this new Google Plus share button is when you’re logged into Google Analytics.

Here’s where this button shows up now:

Google Plus
Google Search
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Sites
Google Groups
Google Contacts

Personally, I think this is an interesting addition, as it means a few things:

— Google Plus is widely accepted enough now that people know what would happen when then click on that button, and enter data into it. They know and understand that it will show up on Google Plus.

— It could be that Google needs this button now, more than ever. They believe that by adding the button that more people will share more stuff. By sharing more content on Google Plus, it perhaps will become more popular.

I know that Google has tested various layouts and icons and buttons over the years, but this one in particular is a milestone for Google Plus. It’s been accepted enough that people know what it is. Google feels as if they don’t need to explain it to users, and that in itself is a milestone.

As you may be aware, I’m a big fan (fanboy?) of Google Plus, and have gotten a lot out of it. And, as such, I’ve written a lot about Google Plus in the past:

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