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ClickZ Live Events and Search Engine Strategies Has Shut Down

I’ve recently received word that CLickZ Events and Search Engine Strategies have officially closed down. The event series of conferences has been shut down and apparently will no longer be holding events in the future. Based in New York City, the event series has closed down both in New York and in Asia.

Currently, on the ClickZ website they list several upcoming events–and I’m not sure if those are going to happen or not (assuming that they will be cancelled):

While the ClickZ website is still up and running, the Search Engine Strategies domain name isn’t currently resolving. The CLickZLive website still shows that there are going to be some upcoming events in 2016 in Shanghai and 2017 in New York.

Personally, I remember getting my start as an SEO speaker back around 2003 at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Toronto, Canada. Since then, I believe I’ve spoken at least a dozen or more SEO conferences over the years, as well as at ClickZ conferences, as well.

There is a long history of these events, and it goes back about 20 years. Originally Danny Sullivan was one of the founders of the SES conferences, I believe, and it was then sold at least once or twice to other firms who apparently couldn’t keep it going. It’s a shame that the ClickZ or SES brands couldn’t have been folded into other conferences or another conference, as I DomainFest was folded into the NamesCon conference–and they have held a pre-conference DomainFest day before the NamesCon conference.

At this point I understand that the ClickZ Live event series has been shut down–not sure about the website and content, though.

What’s your SES or ClickZ memory?

I have reached out to the owners of ClickZ Events LLC, Blenheim Chalcot Management Ltd., and if I get a comment from them I’ll update this post.

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