Bill Hartzer Tries Web 2.0 with ZestBit Shopping Site, one of the largest “cash back” websites on the internet, is trying their hand at “Web 2.0” by expanding into user generated content: they’ve launched is a new Web 2.0 style shopping site that lets users profit by adding their “how to” expertise to the site.

ZestBit is mostly composed of user generated content–and attempts to help you profit from your know-how. You can create “how to” and “answer” oriented blogs right on You can even enhance your content with YouTube videos, PhotoBucket pictures, and stores. was developed by, one of the internet’s biggest loyalty cash back websites. extends’s cash back reach so that you can generate revenue not only when you shop from major online retailers, but also when other people shop or click away from the pages you’ve created to any other stores on the site.

Another cool feature is that you can choose to have your earnings donated directly to charity. During the month of September 2007, the selected charities are the Susan B. Komen Foundation and the Red Cross.

ZestBit Twists
ZestBit has what they call “twists” or a “twist” page, which shows the most popular items on the site. This is the “Best of Zest”, and they show the top 100 “Twists”. Along with a link to the content, there’s a link to the content creator’s profile. Curiously enough, the actual content appears to be a combination of Squidoo, Wikipedia, and Mahalo, all mashed up with places where you can buy related merchandise.

A screen capture of the ZestBit Twists page, the “Best of Zest”, is below:

According to ZestBit, some writers “have joined their multiple postings into ZestBit portfolios, and are extending their reach by posting these portfolios on other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. represents a major new consumer oriented shopping how to and recommendation opportunity in the ecommerce space.”, the developing force behind, is one of the largest cash back sites on the web. With connections to more than 3,000 web stores, makes it easy for consumers to stay connected with the stores they love, and to discover new retail shopping opportunities. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Denver, CO., is a division of the Belcaro Group, Inc.

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