Bill Hartzer

New Social Network Called Koowie Launched

Do we really need another social network? Perhaps. A new social network website called Koowie has been launched.

Koowie takes a completely various approach to social networking. Unlike other social network sites, Koowie connects individuals based on a person’s ideas or interests via a effective and quick search engine. Koowie permits all members to publish, search, browse, study, and remark on any of the discussions. What separates Koowie from other social web sites is that Koowie is engineered not just for fantastic social connections like conversations but for people to post ideas on social commerce, like selling, buying and servicing. Koowie is designed to become a repository of information for not just ideas but for goods and services as well.

Perhaps this new social network is so new that no one knows about it yet, but I took a look at a search for “Dallas Cowboys” and saw that the most recent posts were over a month ago.

Some of the interesting features of Koowie are the power to categorize and add a place to any post, capability to ship a dialogue thread to a non Koowie member, enhance search engine, and also the capability to attach hyperlinks, photos, and embed movies to a discussion.

Even though Koowie is new, I highly recommend that you reserve your member ID there as soon as possible, as you never know if Koowie will become the next Twitter: and hindsight is 20/20: reserve the ID now and you won’t have to worry about trying to get it later. Especially if that member ID includes keyword that might help search engine rankings or is related to your brand.

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