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Got Google Glass? Don’t Expect a Repair from Google If You Break It

Well, if you were one of the lucky ones who got Google Glass, you had better take really good care of your Glass. If you are unfortunate enough to break it, then Google apparently is not going to be any help. Deb Lentz, a Google Glass Explorer, slipped outside on slick pavement, they came off, and hit the ground. When she contacted Google about a fix or replacement, they apparently told her she was on her own.

In a Google Plus post, she explained what happened:

I have a broken Glass: the front part that is adjustable has snapped off. This happened because I was wearing them when it was slick outside, I slipped and they came off and hit the pavement. The unit is now non-responsive.

It looks like Deb Lentz isn’t the only one who has had issues with Google Glass. Apparently others are having problems according to Venture Beat. They reported back in September that Google would actually replace Glass if you sent it back to them if it wasn’t self-inflicted damage.

Google seems to be pretty good about replacements — you send Glass back to Google in a box they mail you, and they’ll send you a new pair if the damage wasn’t self-inflicted — but the problems also seem to be fairly widespread.

Apparently Robert Scoble had the same problem, but Google was more helpful. They told him to keep using it until it became unusable and they would then replace it.

Right now Google Glass is still in Beta, and you have to get an invite from someone who has already gotten Glass in order to order it. Even then, you will need $1500 (plus tax) for your pair, and you’ll need to travel to San Francisco or New York in order to pick up your pair.

Hopefully when Google releases Glass out to the public there will be a better price, an option for prescription lenses, and some way to repair them.

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