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33 Speakers I Want To Meet at Pubcon Las Vegas 2014

The PubCon Las Vegas 2014 conference is taking place from October 6, 2014 to October 10, 2014, where else? But in Las Vegas, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is the big one, the one conference I look forward to every single year. It lasts all week. And the networking and content presented is amazing. I’ve been to a TON of PubCon conferences, and, needless to say, there are speakers at this years conference that I haven’t met. So, here are 33 conference speakers that I absolutely, positively have to meet this year.

I highly recommend all of these speakers, especially because of the topics that they’ve presented, and even though I may have seen or heard them speak before, I just have to meet them again. And I highly recommend that you put them on your list, as well. There are some that I already know–but just have to meet them again and say “Hi!”.

Here’s the list of speakers at PubCon Las Vegas 2014 that I just have to meet at this year’s Las Vegas conference:

Marie Haynes – @Marie_Haynes
Allison Mcguire – @amcguire13
Debbie Miller – @TheBigDebowski
Sean Jackson – @seanthinks
Michael Bonfils – @michaelbonfils
David Vogelpohl – @davidvmc
Carrie Hill – @CarrieHill
Michael King – @ipullrank
Ralf Schwoebel – @trabit
Craig Paddock – @craigpaddock
Rebecca Murtagh – @VirtualMarketer
Steve Floyd – @nawlready
Brent Csutoras – @BrentCsutoras
Stoney deGeyter – @StoneyD
Dixon Jones – @Dixon_Jones
Eric Enge – @stonetemple
Tim Ash – @sitetuners
Ann Smarty – @seosmarty
Mark Traphagen – @marktraphagen
Jennifer Slegg – @jenstar
Loren Baker – @lorenbaker
Mark Barrera – @mark_barrera
Tony Wright – @tonynwright
Greg Gifford – @greggifford
Carolyn Shelby – @cshel
Jordan Kasteler – @JordanKasteler
Dan Sturdivant – @dansturdivant
Jim Boykin – @jimboykin
Chris Boggs – @boggles
William Leake – @Marketing_Bill
Lisa Buyer – @lisabuyer
Kristine Schachinger – @schachin

I’ll be speaking in two separate sessions: Search and Social, and then the SEO Basics session, as well. I’ll be available during the Pubcon Labs, as well, to discuss manual link penalties and cleaning up a site’s links.

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