Top 10 Blog Posts about Mixx for 2007

Since we are winding down 2007, I thought it would be appropriate to put together what I thought are the top 10 blog posts about that have been written in 2007. Certainly there have been a lot of interesting blog posts about Mixx, but these are certainly the best ones.

So, without further delay, here are the blog posts that I think are the top 10 blog posts about Mixx for 2007:

Please note that I have not put these in any particular order.

Mashable Mixx First Look

First Look: Mixx’s Digg Alternative

Mashable was one of the first (if not the first) to take a good, hard look at Mixx. I think this was the first time I had heard someone important say that Mixx is the “Digg alternative”.

Mixx does a good job on the social news angle, but the real twist here is the personal start page. Mixx allows you to choose the categories you would like to see on “Your Mixx” and then allows you to see the most popular, recent, and commented items within your categories. You can then organize YourMixx page with a drag and drop editor. Additionally, Your Mixx lets you keep track of what your “MixxFriends” are submitting, voting on, and leaving comments about.

Mixx MixxingBowl Techcrunch Post

Techcrunch: On Mixx and the MixxingBowl wrote a great blog post about Michael Arrington’s followup article. This is a must-read if you haven’t read it. Apparently after Techcrunch talked about Mixx there was a huge surge in new members on Mixx.

Since the publishing of that article, this Mixxer (Bdog2g2) has noticed a huge surge in registered accounts on Mixx. The MixxingBowl forums also gained about a dozen new members.

Mixx Techcrunch post

Digg Refugees May Be Heading To Mixx

Here is the original post by Michael Arrington at Techcrunch, telling everyone that Digg refugees are heading to Mixx. This post was a must for this top 10 Mixx blog posts list.

Digg users, including top contributors, are showing an increasing amount of frustration with the Digg community, and many are leaving. Conspiracy theories that Digg auto buries stories with certain topics or linking to certain sites only compounds the problem.

Mixx Tamar Techipedia Post

Mixxing In, and Why Early Adoption is Important: A Review of the Newest Social News Network

Tamar, one of my favorite “techie bloggers”, one who is always “mixxing” it up, did a great review of Mixx, and, like me, has been an early adopter of Mixx:

That’s why Mixx has a lot of potential. It’s so new that the community is being created right now as we speak. At this point, you can be part of it too. I’ve said before that social media requires a time investment, but right now, you can be one of the first influencers and the investment will not be as substantial as it would be if you were trying to break into an already-established (and well-formed) community. Mixx is a little island that is growing in its membership and each is contributing his/her unique flavor to the melting pot. Your voice can be heard now, and it should be.

Mixx Moxie Drive post

Why Mixx Is Better Than Stumbleupon

All you have to do is mention why Mixx is better than some other social networking site and you’ve got my vote. Turnkey Business blog has a great number of reasons why Mixx is better than StumbleUpon. In fact, there are 8 advantages that Mixx has over the other.

Overall, Mixx is a different kind of social media site. It’s design is borrowed from some of the best characteristics of all the popular social sites including Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit,, and more. The biggest difference is that it is very much easier to “rinse and repeat” the process on a daily basis and keep the traffic coming without having to communicate to your network that you have a new post.

Mixx LA Times Gets Personal with Mixx

Okay, so this is not a blog post. But this has to make the list because, well, it’s the Los Angeles Times. And they are Mixxing it up. Cool. Especially cool because they put their money where their mouth is so to speak. They invested in Mixx.

“Mixx is leading the way in making social news accessible to a mainstream audience, and we are pleased to have formed a strategic and progressive arrangement with them,” said Jason Oberfest, managing director of product strategy for Los Angeles Times Interactive. “’s collaboration with Mixx perfectly complements our mission of providing our readers with the kind of content, services and tools that add up to a great online experience. In order for news, stories and videos to be relevant, they must be personal, local and timely and content must be flexible and compelling.”

Mixx Techpin post

Most Popular Diggers Leave Digg for Mixx

Techpin reported that the most popular Diggers were leaving. The posted about their experience, and then talk about moving to Mixx.

There were many rumors traveling over the Internet among bloggers, suggesting that Digg applies preferential treatment for specific users that link to specific websites or write about specific companies.
After these came at TechPin’s ear we realized immediately that it had actually happened to us too.
We were using our account on Digg to post the most interesting stories from TechPin daily, together with interesting news coming from other websites.

Mixx Onreact post

12 Reasons to Join Mixx and Abandon Digg

The guy with the taco hat says that there are 12 reasons to join Mixx and abandon Digg. Definitely a good post, and hey, I just love that hat.

Why is that? I want to tell you why, I will provide you with 12 reasons to join Mixx and thus also to abandon Digg. Many of them also apply to Reddit or Propeller.

Mixx Collective Thoughts Interview Post

What A Mixx Up: Interview With Mixx Founder Chris McGill

Any interview with Mixx Founder Chris McGill should make this list. But this was definitely the best one. Collective Thoughts does a good job asking the proper questions. I just love the question and answer to this one:

4 – What’s your whole take on Greg (aka cGt2099) getting banned from Digg episode? Looks like quite a number of Diggers have come over to Mixx since this episode.

Let me start off by saying that we have a lot of respect for what Digg has created. They’ve provided their users with an amazing set of tools to recommend content to each other. They also have a very strong community, and they have obviously been very successful and a key part of the Web 2.0 movement.

As far as Greg getting banned…I have no idea what happened. All I know is that Greg is a fabulous and active member of the Mixx community and we are very happy to have him.

Mixx ReadWriteWeb

Mixx, a Gorgeous Digg Competitor, Gets in Bed With LA Times

Read/WriteWeb covers the Mixx partnership, I think this is the first time I heard about it. They also talk about reasons to join Mixx.

Mixx was clearly built by people paying attention to user demands at Digg. Its popularity algorithm is said to be a simple one, according to Matt Marshall’s coverage of the LA Times deal today, but there’s a lot that’s interesting about the site.

Well, there you have it, some of the best posts about Mixx that I could come up with. Certainly there may be more, so feel free to mention some in the comments if I have left any great Mixx blog posts out.

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    I just heard about Mixx, thanks for the summary of the reviews. I guess I will be looking around for this post in the Top Ten Posts Covering Mixx soon. 😀

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  3. Turnkey Business Blog says

    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for adding my article, Why Mixx is Better Than Stumbleupon. It is a real honor to be included in this list. I am sure that Mixx will continue to surprise us in 2008.


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