Monitoring Your Company’s Brand Online with MutualMind

Have you ever wondered what people are REALLY saying about your brand? Some people think they can just send out a couple of surveys, or do a few focus groups, and gather all the information they need about the public’s opinion about their products. While these are useful ways to gather marketing and demographic data, you still need to know what people are saying behind closed doors. Customers can say the nicest things when they are speaking to you directly, but may make the harshest remarks when speaking with friends, and co-workers.

If you’re looking for a way to find out what people really think of your company, MutualMind, has all the tools you need to do just that. MutualMind takes the different aspects of social media and brings them together into a concise, and helpful way. Imagine being able to look through the different twitter feeds and finding out what good (or bad) is being said about your brand. MutualMind is able to list all the different tweets across the internet in one control panel. MutualMind can also allow you to see what is being said about your competitors, and see how your company compares.

MutualMind is a highly innovative and dynamic web application that helps marketing firms and public relation firms monitor the “word on the street” in regards to brands that they are following – both your own, and your competitors. MutualMind also helps companies promote brands on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, while providing powerful, and comprehensive statistical analysis to maximize results from analytical social media monitoring. In layman’s terms, MutualMind helps you make money by helping you guide the public perception of your brand.

Needing to find out if you are being found via your targeted keywords? MutualMind does a great job of gathering statistics from several social media sources. You can set up an alert schedule that lets you know when your keywords are being used to find your web page across the web (even on Facebook). Although people may spend a little time on the internet in chat rooms, and the like, more and more people are flocking to Facebook to talk with friends, and family about the different products they come in contact with on a day to day basis. MutualMind helps you to find out what fans on Facebook are saying about your brand. You can even set up email updates to alert you if there were any keyword hits at any time throughout the day (without being too spammy). Also, getting your Klout score has never been easier now that MutualMind has access to Klout’s API.

If you want to be successful with your social media campaigns, and want a solid, and innovative way of doing so, then MutualMind is a must have for almost any business, research center, and marketing firm.

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