LeapFish Search Engine Turns to Social Media to Give Away $100,000 Cash

Yes, you read that headline right. It does sound kind of “backwards” to me, as well. But, anyhow, Leapfish, a search engine that I have written about before, is turning to social media to give away up to $100,000 cash. Leapfish is calling this the “$100,000 Cash Dash Viral Bonanza“.

Leapfish is giving away $100,000 in gadgets, prizes and cash to Internet users who participate in leveraging their search engine in unique ways.

If you want your share of the $100,000 cash from Leapfish, you can use your online social media and social networking presence to earn points towards prizes and cash drawings. By doing this, you will help LeapFish’s goal of 1 million homepages set in 2010. You can earch cash and prizes by blogging, Tweeting, creating a LeapFish Homepage, searching, referring friends, or other ways ways that promote the Leapfish search engine.


I guess that just by blogging about Leapfish already I may be in the running, especially since my previous blog post about Leapfish ranks well in the Google search engine for “fastest search engine”. I’ve been a fan of Leapfish for a while now, even though I am still not seeing a whole lot of search traffic from the Leapfish search engine directly. However, using the social media and social networks to promote Leapfish, that may change this year.

LeapFish is an evolved search engine that captures the traditional, multi-media and real-time Web through a single, connected platform for both searching and sharing content. LeapFish is a privately held corporation headquartered out of CARR America Corporate Center in Pleasanton, California.

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  1. Adam says

    Always fun to see new SE’s try to compete with Google. Personally I don’t think it matters how much free cash they give away, they still have no change of catching up to the big G for a share in the SE market.

  2. Adam Maher says

    I am interested in hearing from anyone who has suffered from the medical condition”tinnitus” and has managed to cure it by natural means.

  3. Dragon Blogger says

    LeapFish actually uses Google behind the scenes and does some extra parsing and collecting of data as well as providing more features. I don’t think it is a new and completely independent search engine but more like a search engine aggregate.

    I like the contest, and am holding #2 slot right now.