Google Search Quality Still Lacking After Google Farmer Update

As you are probably aware, Google has been in the media spotlight lately about their search quality. And today, Huffington Post published a blog post titled “Content is Best Fresh, Not Farmed“.

Oh Really?

Let’s take a look at Google’s search results for a popular news item that I wrote about yesterday, Chitika’s FTC Settlement in regards to behavioral ad targeting. Let’s try a Google search for Chitika FTC.

Here is the search results on Google for Chitika FTC:

Take a look at the Google search results, and you will notice that Google has decided that a a duplicated (the same exact content) press release from PR Newswire, for more *MORE THAN HALF OF THE SEARCH RESULTS* on the first page of search results. C’mon, Google, is a press release, duplicated on all sorts of local news web sites, appropriate to show over and over again in your search results? I don’t think so.

Let’s take a look at the search quality for the same exact search result, for Chitika FTC:

In the search results for the Chitika FTC query, we actually see separate, non-duplicated search results. We see some news articles, my blog post/article about the subject, and then we even see the FTC web site. And even more unique, quality news articles about the subject.

So, which search results have better search quality, the Google search results that are filled with a PR Newswire duplicated press release from Chitika (do you think there’s some bias there?) or search results, that have unique news articles on the subject? I guess we now know that if we want to get word out for a particular subject or about our company, all we have to do is pay PR Newswire to publish a press release for us.

Apparently Google’s recent Farmer update has not included web sites that are full of duplicate press releases. C’mon, Google, show one press release in the search results only, please.

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  1. Steven W. says

    The update impacted the back end (crawling) algorithms – you’ve identified a front end (presentation) issue (they need to get together on these things! )

  2. pipe leaks says

    You mean to say in this new updation google changed the algo and it will more stress on quality content than the copy content.

  3. Peter Styles says

    Furthermore, the European Commission has recently begun investigations into allegations that has Google abused its dominance by promoting its own services in search results.

    to read more about this and how user habits influence the world of search try here:

    here’s hoping for a prominent search engines that reward good quality content.


    Peter Styles
    Content Editor,

  4. ositadimma muodozie says

    I can’t help but laugh. When google published this, i was scared. I was feeling i will losing rankings for my website, but rather my ranks increased. i would rather love things to remain the way they are.