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Bill Hartzer Weekly Update November 24, 2014

Google Cache Date a Month Old Now, Google Rolled Out Mobile Friendly Tag, and State of Search conference Last Week. There are a few significant updates this past week, including the Google Cache Dates, and the new Mobile Friendly Tag.

Google Cache Dates
Last week several people, including myself, noticed that the Google cache date on pages is about a month old. Typically, for most websites, the Google cache date is normally about a day old or maybe a few days old. But I checked several websites and it appears that the cache date is about a month old. This might be an indication that Google is up to something, like another major algorithm update coming soon. Whatever the case, it’s not normal. More info on my blog post. I also show you how to check your cache date, as well.

Google Rolls Out Mobile Friendly Tag
Google has rolled out a new “mobile friendly” tag in the search results. The “mobile friendly” will appear next to your website if someone is searching using a mobile device and your site is search engine friendly. Another reason to make sure your site is mobile friendly, as you will see more traffic as a result.

State of Search Conference
The State of Search Conference was last week, held in Dallas. I spoke about the Google Algorithm updates that have happened in the past 3 years, and how to recover from them if you’ve been hit by one of those algorithm updates. I also spoke in the “tool time” session, along with Mel Carson from Majestic (formerly Majestic SEO).

I was amazed at how great this conference was, and how many people attended. Especially given the fact that it all started 10 years ago when Jim Gilbert and I had an idea about getting some SEO people together to have dinner and “talk shop”.

When Was Your Last SEO Audit?
I can’t believe we’re now getting back into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving this week. And, my birthday is on Thanksgiving this year.

I always recommend having an SEO audit done on your website at least once a year–and the holiday season is a great time to get that done. For non-ecommerce sites, traffic tends to be slower and it’s a great time to get it done. Feel free to get in touch with me if you’d like to talk about getting an SEO Audit done before the end of the year.

That’s it for this week. I usually send an update weekly, unless there is some sort of “big news” or issue that comes up that warrants an update.

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