Bill Hartzer

Former Europe CEO Adrian Cox Joins Board of Workcircle

Adrian Cox, the former CEO of Europe, has joined the board of Workcircle Ltd, a job search engine based in the United Kingdom.

Adrian Cox has an extensive amount of experience in online search and marketing. Adrian Cox was a founder member of the Ask Jeeves launch team 2000 initially as Vice President of Marketing and CEO Europe from 2001 to 2006. He is now joining Workcircle as a non-executive director.

Workcircle is a leading job search engine in the UK, listing over 200,000 jobs across the country. It delivers active, highly targeted jobseekers direct to specific jobs on its customers own sites, maximising each advertiser’s investment online.

Workcircle works on a performance-based pay per click model, only charging customers for jobseekers who’ve chosen to visit their site.

Adrian Cox is also an investor in Workcircle, alongside other well-known business angels and DC Thomson & Co, the Scottish media group.

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