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130 Social Bookmarking Sites for Search Engine Marketers

Update May 2017: 10 years ago, in 2007, it was helpful to use social bookmarking sites to get links to your site. But now, these are the kinds of links that we suggest that you remove–they’re low quality links and can lead to search engine penalties.

It seems as though one of the “hottest topics” nowadays in the Search Engine Marketing industry is social bookmarking. All the search engine marketers are talking about it now, and if you’re a search engine marketer–or just a marketer in general–or want to get more hits on your website, then you need to pay attention to social bookmarking, too.

First, you need to create some link bait. If you’re not familiar with the term “link bait”, then you might want to read that article I wrote a while back–talks about how you can use link bait to “catch better rankings”.

Anyhow, once you’ve done some linkbaiting and put the content on your own site, then you will need to do some social networking and social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a way for you to save your favorite bookmarks–and pass them on to others. The more people in who bookmark a particular URL in a certain period of time, the more “popular” that bookmark becomes–and the more people who will visit that URL.

Here’s 130 social bookmarking web sites that I’ve carefully selected (hand picked) to be among the best sites to accommodate your own linkbaiting…for search engine marketing purposes, of course! These sites are listed in alphabetical order.


Are you looking for more data? Perhaps it might be useful if you had a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with all of these sites as well as the number of backlinks, etc.? Well, you’re in luck: I have a spreadsheet available that has the following information, and you can even sort it if you like. The spreadsheet has the following information loaded into it:
– name of site
– PageRank
– Age of domain
– Number of Yahoo! Backlinks
– Number of Yahoo! .EDU backlinks
– Number of Yahoo! .GOV backlinks
– Number of Yahoo! home page backlinks
– Number of Yahoo! .EDU home page backlinks
– Alexa Rank

Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing this spreadsheet.

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