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Google’s List of SEO Bloggers in the Search Results

Apparently I’m one of the top SEO bloggers, according to Google. If you search Google for this: list of SEO bloggers, you will see that Google is showing a list carousel of, well, SEO bloggers. And, according to Google, I’m number nine on the list (which puts me in the top 10). Take a look at the screen shot below, which shows the list of SEO bloggers in the search results:

The list is made up of several (actual) news sites, and not what I would call “SEO Bloggers”. So, if you essentially remove all of those news sites from the list, then I am number 2 on the list, behind Brian Solis.

1. Search Engine Land
2. Search Engine Journal
3. Search Engine Roundtable
4. Moz
5. Search Engine Watch
6. TechCrunch
7. Online Newspaper
8. Brian Solis
9. Bill Hartzer
10. SEO By the Sea

So, sure, I guess I could go around now and say that I’m one of the top 10 SEO bloggers on the web according to Google. If I was someone who did all of that self-promotional junk (spam?) that I see so many do, then I guess I would do that. But I’m not going to, I’m not like that. I did, though, just write this blog post, for a few reasons:

– I wanted to point out that I’m on the list. Who wouldn’t?
– Google’s algorithms are not very great, especially if they are going to create a carousel of news sites that are not obviously blogs.

Can’t Google distinguish between a blog and a news site? If someone searches Google for “bloggers” it makes sense to me to return a list of blogs, no?

I still like how this sounds:

“Bill Hartzer is a Top 10 SEO Blogger according to Google.”

“Google Names Bill Hartzer to List of Top 10 SEO Bloggers on the Web.”

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