Bill Hartzer

Nominees for Domainer’s Choice Awards – Dana Point, California – June 28, 2014

Kevin Allen is helping set up for the 2014 Domainer’s Choice Awards

The Domainer’s Choice Awards are taking place this evening, here in Dana Point, California, at the Dana Point Yacht Club. I had the wonderful opportunity today to help set up for this evening’s event, and plan on live blogging the event. I’ll be posting an update either during the event or right after the event (depending on internet/wifi access availability). I will also post the final results of the awards as soon as they’re available.

First, though, I’d like to thank the Domainer’s Choice Awards sponsors:

VIP Sponsors:

Allegheny Internet
Parking Crew
Campbell Graphix
Domain Agents
Rook Media
Golden Knight Media

The nominees for Domainer’s Choice Awards are listed here.

At the 2014 Domainer’s Choice Awards, Charlotte Gilbert, Kevin Allen, and Irene McKim are helping set up today.

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