Bill Hartzer

Network Solutions Emails Domain Transfer Codes in 3 Days

If you’re wanting to transfer a domain name away from the Network Solutions domain name registrar, then their response is typically delayed. They will email you the domain name transfer code 3 days after you request it.

Spotted by Twitter user @shendison:

When you’re transferring a domain name away from Network Solutions, their website states “you will receive your Auth Code by email in 3 days”. This doesn’t seem right–and certainly most domain name registrars will give you the Auth Code right away via email. I realize that this is probably for their protection, so that people can’t transfer domain names away from their registrar easily and steal domain names, but really?

According to Network Solutions’ policy, “Your Authorization Code will be e-mailed to the Primary Contact in 3 days.”

The domain name Auth Code “is required when transferring domains from one registrar to another. The transfer Authorization Code is created when the domain is first registered and can be obtained from the current Registrar for your domain.”, according to Tucows.

I recently transferred a domain name from the Pheenix registrar over to GoDaddy, and I got the Auth Code instantly via their online portal. It then took a few days until it was completely moved over to GoDaddy, but it took less than 5 days.

Thanks and h/t to @shendison for pointing this out.

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