Bill Hartzer

Cyber Monday Publicity Stunt: Amazon Octcopter Package Delivery

Today is Cyber Monday, Monday December 2, 2013. What better to get free publicity (and plenty of it, mind you) by coming up with a publicity stunt. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and call it like I see it: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos’ appearance on CBS television last night on 60 Minutes was nothing but a publicity stunt. Perfect timing, too, huh? Right before Cyber Monday.

According to cNet:

In the next five years, the Internet retail giant expects to use small drones to deliver packages to customer doorsteps within 30 minutes of their order.

I can imagine this technology, which would be welcome in certain cities, would be feasible. I just don’t know how they would pull it off, though, as wouldn’t there be issues with people taking the package and then putting it in a place outside so that the octocopter can take off again? What if someone actually KEPT the device? What then?

Okay, so let’s take a look at Amazon’s new “delivery system” that they’re supposedly testing:

Why am I so skeptical? Why do I think this is nothing but a publicity stunt by Amazon to get free publicity just before (and on) Cyber Monday?

Do you remember the Domino’s Pizza publicity stunt done back in June 2013? 6 months ago? Take a look:

And in case you miss your drone delivery, you will probably get one of these notices from Amazon:

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