Tweet Drip Makes It Easy to Maximize Your Time Spent in Drip Marketing

Time is money – especially if you are an entrepreneur. When it comes to online marketing for your business, one of the best ways to maximize your time (and thus, your money) is to automate as much of your online customer communications as possible. WordPress users commonly schedule blogs to post at future dates, and services like Constant Contact and MailChimp are used by businesses of all sizes to plan email marketing campaigns. There are lots of ways you can capitalize on these “drip marketing” techniques.

drip marketig campaign

Tweet Drip
Tweet Drip is a social media drip marketing campaign tool that allows you to write a whole bunch of direct messages at once, and schedule them to send to your Twitter followers at set future times. It’s a great way to stay engaged with your Twitter-using customer base without having to log on and write direct messages every single day – it frees up your precious time so you can handle other important tasks on a daily basis. With three levels of membership, Tweet Drip has a plan that will work perfectly for your needs.

Be Cautious With Automated Responses
All three Tweet Drip membership levels offer automated follower engagement, so every re-tweet and reply will automatically be answered with an acknowledgement. There are differing opinions on the use of auto responses. They can be a fantastic tool for follower engagement and retention, but only when they are used correctly. Here are a few tips for ensuring the success of your drip tweets and auto response campaigns:

• Automated responses should not be too generic. If your followers feel like they are communicating with a robot instead of a human being who is interested in pleasing his customers, they may feel alienated and will be more likely to un-follow you (and stop being your customer).
• Update your automated responses to offer something timely and useful to your followers – like a link to your latest blog post.
• Don’t leave all of the follower engagement to Tweet Drip. At least take a moment to write a reply to direct messages from followers. When you gain a new follower, send them an @message to simply say hello. Some of your follower interaction must be personal.
• Occasionally run a search on Twitter for your product or company. People might mention you without using the @ symbol, and the only way to find those mentions is by searching for them. If the tweet is positive, be sure to thank users for those tweets. If the tweet is negative, engage the user by asking for the reason for their opinion, but don’t block them.

Tweet Drip is an affordable and valuable drip social marketing tool if it’s used with care. Take the time to set it up correctly, schedule tweets to post on a regular basis, make occasional tweaks to your auto responses, and pay some personal attention to your followers, and you will increase your number of Twitter followers and your available time.