Bill Hartzer

Twitter Flags Kanye West Kim Kardashian Wedding Photos as Sensitive Material

Just recently, Kanye West posted photos of his wedding with Kim Kardashian on his Twitter account. These are great photos, and just the typical wedding photos. However, what is kind of odd is that Twitter is flagging these photos as containing “sensitive material”.

They’re wedding photos. I am not sure if this is something that is automated that Twitter is doing, or if Twitter has, on purpose, flagged these photos as containing sensitive material.

The following media may contain sensitive material

Your Tweet media settings are configured to inform you when media may be sensitive.

Certainly, because my account is typically a business-related account and I don’t need (or want) to see sensitive photos in my Twitter feed while I’m working. But in this case, does Twitter really mean “controversial” photos and not “sensitive”? Or maybe this is just a filter that’s been applied because many people have hit the “flag media” link in the post several times.

Whatever the reason, I think it’s actually a mistake, hopefully.

If you’re wanting to see the photo (there are several actually that have been marked as sensitive), then I’ve embedded the Tweet below:

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