Bill Hartzer

Raxxle Beta Availability of Social Networking Community Using Facial Recognition announced at the Ad:Tech Conference that they’re releasing its new social networking community for beta testing. Powered by patented RaxxleMatch Technology(TM), the site adds the ability to find a member’s “twin” among other users of the community. RaxxleMatch technology uses proprietary facial-recognition software to perform complex analyses of facial characteristics. also helps you find your “Celebrity Raxxle” matches from a database of Hollywood stars, sports legends, historical figures and more. takes all of the features you would expect from a social network and attempts to make them better. From personalized profiles and custom Flash-driven applications to other features for mobile devices, makes it easy for you to make it your own.

For advertisers, is distinguished from other social networking sites through real-time, personalized ad generation using patent-pending Raxxle Ad Developer Interface(TM). Advertising options include featured events, groups and celebrity listings; customizable promotional skins on member pages; dynamic Macromedia(R) Flash(R) plug-in applications; and e-mail sponsorships. Additionally, members can be targeted by age, location, gender, and/or hobby. is changing the way people find friends on the web, and it all starts with one question…who do you look like? is an innovative online community filled with some never before seen features that take the phenomenon of social networking to new heights.

Combining its proprietary cutting-edge facial recognition technology with all the features users have come to expect in an online community, delivers an experience unlike any other. can find a member’s “twin” within the community and their “Celebrity Raxxle” from an ever-expanding database from Hollywood and sports legends to historical figures and beyond.

For advertisers, presents one of the most extraordinary opportunities to tap into Social Networking’s rapid growth and maximize marketing dollars to successfully build brands. Highly customizable and immersive programs can reach members by age, location, and/or hobby.

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