Bill Hartzer

Don’t Pay for Search Engine Submission

I know I have written about this before. But it is worth it to me to repeat it again. You do NOT have to pay for search engine submission services. There are still companies out there that are selling scamming others with a search engine submission service. I just received one recently, and it is actually a notice that would appear that you might be paying for domain name registration. But, in fact, if you look at it closely, it’s only a search engine submission service for $75 per year.

The notice on the email says the following, which is meant to scare unsuspecting people:

Don’t miss out on this offer which includes search engine submission for HALLOWEENCANDYCOUPON.COM for 12 months. There is no obligation to pay for this order unless you complete your payment by Sep 12, 2013. Our services provide submission and search engine ranking for domain owners. This offer for submission services is not required to renew your domain registration.

Failure to complete your search engine registration by Sep 12, 2013 may result in the cancellation of this order (making it difficult for your customers to locate you using search engines on the web).

The search engines crawl the web, trying to find all sorts of URLs that they can find. In fact, just registering a new domain name most likely will get your domain name/site crawled by the search engines. Google says that it is free.

Inclusion in Google’s search results is free and easy; you don’t even need to submit your site to Google. Google is a fully automated search engine that uses software known as “spiders” to crawl the web on a regular basis and find sites to add to our index. In fact, the vast majority of sites listed in our results aren’t manually submitted for inclusion, but found and added automatically when our spiders crawl the web.

If you’ve just added a URL to your site, or a page has significantly changed since the last time it was crawled, you can ask Google to crawl it.

If your site offers specialized products, content, or services (for example, video content, local business info, or product listings), you can reach out to the world by distributing it on Google Web Search. For more information, visit Google Content Central.

To determine whether your site is currently included in Google’s index, do a site: search for your site’s URL. For example, a search for [ ] returns the following results: .

You do not have to pay for search engine submission services. It’s completely free. And, I wouldn’t even bother submitting your site anymore. Most likely it’s already been spidered and is already in the search engines.

Please don’t fall for this search engine submission scam.

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