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People to Meet and Network With at State of Search 2016

During that first evening, back in 2004 when Jim Gilbert and I first met with 16 of the best internet marketers and SEOs in the D/FW area, I never thought I’d be posting now about the State of Search conference. You see, I had hand-picked those first 16 people and personally invited them to show up to what ended up as being the very first Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association meeting. That was the founding group, the founding members.

Now, 12 years later, I’m honored to write this post, again, to hand-pick, as I always do for lots of search conferences, my personal list of people to meet and network with at State of Search 2016, which is on November 14th and 15th and Gilley’s in Dallas. In the past, I’ve hand-picked speakers. But this time there are so many individuals beyond the list of wonderful speakers. So, I’ve added a few and turned my list into a “who to meet and network with” at State of Search. If you’re on the list, make sure you bring plenty of business cards. And if you’re not on the list, then that’s okay, too! Make sure you go out of your way to meet ME, so I can add you to the list next time. It could that I haven’t met you yet (in person) or haven’t spoken with you on Twitter, Facebook, or some other random social network.

Here’s “Bill’s List” for State of Search, 2016:

Jim Gilbert
Adam Dorfman
Adam Reimer
Alan Bleiweiss
Alex Fender
Andrew Shotland
Ashley Berman Hale
Bart Peters
Beth Kahlich
Bill Hartzer (That’s Me!) @bhartzer
Brian Medina
Casey Markee
Chris Silver Smith
Christine Churchill
Christian Ward
Damon Gochneaur
Dan Leibson
Dan Sturdivant
Danny Sullivan
Deandre Upshaw
Duane Brown
Duane Forrester
Eric Enge
Greg Gifford
Jackie Bese
James Loomstein
Jason Channell
Jeff Rudluff
Jennifer Slegg
Jesse McDonald
Jon Henshaw
Joshua Graham
Katy Katz
Kelcey Piper
Kelsey Jones
Kevin Adams
Maile Ohye
Mark Traphagen
Matt Siltala
Matthew Decuir
Mike Stewart
Purna Virji
Rob Bucci
Rob Garner
Ryan Mclaughlin
Scott Vann
Sean Dolan
Sean Jackson
Sha Menz
Stephan Spencer
Tim Wagner
Tony Wright
Wil Reynolds
Zeph Snapp

So, my list is complete. If I forgot you, let me know. Of course, this isn’t in any particular order of importance! I did, however, put it in alphabetical order. But Jim Gilbert, who, without him, we wouldn’t have a DFWSEM, is most important… Hope to see you all at State of Search this year.

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