Why You Should Not Outsource Link Building to India

As a search engine optimization expert, it seems as though I have been getting a lot of unsolicited emails from people in India and other countries outside the United States wanting me to outsource link building to them. There are a lot of reasons why I will not, ever, outsource search engine optimization work (or outsource link building), not to mention the fact that I have tried it before–and the work was inferior. Not to mention the fact that I can honestly tell you that it actually hurt some SEO efforts, not help them. But I digress.

So, I was saying that I get a lot of emails, and even some phone calls, from people wanting me to outsource SEO projects to them. In particular, SEO projects like something that’s necessary an important for SEO: outsource link building. Well, in this case, I just received an email this morning that is a perfect example of why I will NOT outsource link building to companies. Not just because they are spamming me, but because of this. I have to admit, this email is hilarious:

From: cherry monjel
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2011 20:21:06 +0530
To: [email protected]
Cc: *a whole bunch of SEO companies, along with [email protected]*
Subject: ***SPAM*** Do you want promote your website?

I am Cherry, Business Development Executive. i want link building for you if you are interested for link building please

contact me

Link building benefit :
1. Save you a lot of advertising money
2. You’ll get highly targeted visitors to your web site
3. Increase your traffic significantly
4. You’ll get more customers and more sales
5. You’ll benefit from new business contacts
6. Your web site will get a higher ranking on search engines
7. improve your visibility in the search engines
8. You web site will get a higher link popularity

I was observed that you are an online service provider. I was just wondering if you would be interested in outsourcing your campaigns to us. We would be happy to execute the same for you on a white label basis.

Why choose us?

We are professional link builders and doing this job from the last successful 2 years. As we know that 70% of search engine optimization depends upon the number of links from quality and relevant websites
if you can provide link building projects(job) please contact to us,
and My price will be according per link

My price is:


I shall provide you this requirement

1) link will be added on relevant site
2) Site will be Google cached and Google indexed
3) Link will be added on minimum 1pr
4) Link should be lived for minimum 4 months if your link will be deleted
with in 4months then i shall readd or in return i shall provide you new link.

now is depend on you how many links do you need for your sites
i think you should need minimum 50 links per month

if do you want do professional link building for your site then please give me a chance

Note:You can payment after the report, i shall send you complete report in excel sheet

[email protected]

After I stopped laughing at this email, I actually started reading. There are so many things that are horribly wrong with this email that the person who wrote it should be fired on the spot. I have to admit, this is one of the worst (funniest) outsourcing email that I have received. Ever. Not only is the grammar so bad that I couldn’t even understand what they’re saying, they’re offering to sell text links–which is against Google’s Acceptable Webmaster Guidelines.

And not only did they use the CC field (instead of the BCC field) to copy everyone, they even added [email protected], and sent this email to Google themselves.

Sure, Cherry, I would be happy to hire you to build some links for me–to my competitor’s websites.

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  1. says

    Maybe it’s their lack of attention to detail that I have a problem with? Can someone please tell me that there are other companies in India that actually might do a better job than this person?

  2. dotcompals says

    Bill, I can assure you that there are other good companies in india who do fantastic job when it comes to SEO .

  3. Raghavan R P says

    I’m don’t want to defend but you need to know this isn’t the case only with India. There are firms that do a far better job. The industry as such is vulnerable to these, you just learn few concepts claim yourself as the best and screw up.

  4. says

    dotcompals, it’s so refreshing to hear that there are actually other good companies in India who will do a fantastic job when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a few “bad ones” who send out emails such as the one I referred to above that can ruin it.

  5. says

    Raghavan R P, you’re right, there are a few companies in the industry who learn some of the basic concepts and then don’t do a very good job at Business Development. Unfortunately there are too many individuals out there who are too quick to claim that they are the best–and that you should hire them because they are an ‘expert’.

  6. post road says

    There are so many Proved SEO company in India who is serving fantastic jobs in terms of internet marketing.