Why QR Codes are Important for Websites?

Why are QR Codes important for websites? Why should your website have a QR Code? QR codes help make your websites mobile aware. With smart phones taking over online operations, it is imperative that you make your site as user friendly or mobile friendly as possible. QR codes in websites will let your mobile instantly access websites without encountering the cumbersome process of entering the URL in the tiny mobile web browser.

QR codes are currently used to store a wealth of information such as product descriptions, user manuals, advertisements, business card information, boarding pass information etc.

With the usage of QR codes, you can give your potential customers access to right information easily on their mobile device by easily scanning the QR Code from print media or computer screen. With the competition in e-business, making the product information available to the consumers in these tiny codes will be very, consumers are going to go after products that give them more detailed information in an easily accessible manner.

In the last century we saw an online revolution with many businesses being clinched online. An online presence is now imperative even if you are thinking only of a local coffee shop. However this century is going to see a whole new revolution – the mobile revolution as more and more business transactions go mobile.

The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Does your business website lacking mobile accessibility?’.

An interesting tool to make your website “Mobile Aware” quickly and easily is QRSpider. You will be able to generate a matching button for your website and start using it instantly. With less than 2 minutes your existing website can have a QR code integrated with it. QRSpider is smart enough to identify the current web page URL and generate the QR code for the URL. So your users can easily scan the code to their mobile or tablet device.

There are many QR code scanner apps available for Apple iPhone® and Android phones.

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  1. Prabir Panda says


    Nice article, you missed 1 point though. In addition to ensuring you site is user friendly, mobile friendly (don’t let people key in that lengthy URL), we SHOULD also make sites Mobile Intelligent. What i mean by that is the sites contents should be rendered in the mobile browser format so that its easy to the eyes. I have seen many QR code integration which takes you to websites but you can’t see anything in there till you have zoomed in few times.