iCrossing Exec Named to Yellow Pages Association’s Local Search Guide Advisory Board

jeff pruitt

Jeffrey Pruitt, Executive Vice Ppresident of iCrossing and President of the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) has been named to the Yellow Pages Association’s (YPA) Local Search Guide Advisory Board.

YPA, the trade main organization of the print and digital media industry (valued at about $14 billion in the United States), developed the Local Search Guide. The Local Search Guide is an online “who’s who” of Internet Yellow Pages, search engines, and search tools serving the local search industry — in December 2004.

YPA Advisory board members are tasked with guiding Local Search Guide content which includes viewpoint columns and surveys. Jeffrey Pruitt’s contributions will help provide value: online search is becoming the preferred avenue for consumers to find the information they are seeking.

The Local Search Guide tracks industry growth and provides news and updates through company profiles of Internet Yellow Pages, search engines, search tools and vertical directories. The profiles, updated weekly, include information about company history, advertising products and partnerships. SEMPO is a supporting partner of the Local Search Guide.

Jeffrey Pruitt joined iCrossing in 1999 as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Business Development. Currently, Jeffrey Pruitt builds and maintains relationships with top-level partners such as Yahoo!, Google, MSN. Before iCrossing, Jeffrey Pruitt spent six years at Arthur Andersen in the Audit and Finance divisions. He has served two terms on the Board of SEMPO.

iCrossing is “a different kind of digital marketing company”. Driven by customer insight, the company creates programs and engaging experiences designed to help brands be found, help them talk to their customers, and help them achieve marketing success. Founded in 1998, the company has 350 employees worldwide. iCrossing is headquartered in Scottsdale with U.S. offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New York and San Francisco, and U.K. offices in London and Brighton. Find out more at www.icrossing.com.

Originally founded in 1975 as the National Yellow Pages Service Association (NYPSA), the Yellow Pages Association (YPA) is the largest trade organization of a print and digital media industry valued at more than $26 billion worldwide ($14 billion in the U.S.).

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