comScore Unveils comScore Marketer Interactive Search Intelligence Service


comScore has unveiled a new service for marketers called “comScore Marketer” that gives you a comprehensive set of online tools that allows you to assess a site’s online marketing performance. comScore Marketer is a new interactive search intelligence service that helps you benchmark performance and optimize a marketing campaign’s ROI.

comScore Marketer allows you to benchmark a campaign’s performance versus competitors–and optimize the ROI of your search marketing efforts.

The comScore Marketer service give you granular information about searchers (visitors who used search to come to a site) as well as the search phrases–this gives you intelligence that you can act upon.

— Create more efficient and cost-effective campaigns using paid and organic search terms.

— Identify high performing search terms at a site and category level.

— Analyze searchers and the use of search terms by demographic segment.

— Discover high-potential consumer segments and pinpoint the optimal search sites and search terms to reach them.

— Find out who is competing on search terms to identify prime affiliate marketing partners.

— Maximize the ROI of search and online marketing investments.

Sample Data

Through the comScore Marketer service you can see data like the percentage of total clicks via Paid search versus the percentage of total clicks via Organic or “natural” search. Here’s some sample data from the comScore Marketer service that shows information about the search phrase “credit card” or “credit cards” (detailed below):

Click-Thru Report for
Search Terms "Credit Card" or "Credit Cards"

June 2007
Source: comScore Marketer

Click-Thru                   Share of Total                 Organic
Destination Site             Click-Thrus       Paid        (Algorithmic)
                                for          Percentage    Percentage of
Search Terms of Total Clicks Search Terms   of Total Clicks Total Clicks

  Total Click-Thrus            6.8 MM        1.6 MM         5.2 MM
  Total (%)                  100.0          23.7           76.3             10.6          67.0           33.0
  JP Morgan Chase Property     8.1          22.7           77.3
  HSBC                         6.1          38.1           61.9
  Capital One                  4.1          49.4           50.6
  Citigroup                    3.1          11.6           88.4
  Bank of America              3.1           7.4           92.6 Sites           2.8          10.5           89.5
  American Express             2.3          42.4           57.6

The results shown above show that is the top destination for clicks for “credit card” or “credit cards”. This accounts for 10.6 percent of all click-thrus, followed by the JP Morgan Chase Property (8.1 percent) and HSBC (6.1 percent).

That fact that is the top destination is because of its heavy PPC strategy, as two-thirds (67.0 percent) of clicks to the site come from PPC. However, the JP Morgan Chase Property and HSBC each generated at least 6 percent of total click-thrus on the search terms “credit card and “credit cards”, but they have a significantly lower share of the total number of clicks resulting from PPC (22.7 percent and 38.1 percent). In other words, these sites are relatively more effective than at generating “credit card”-related clicks via organic search results.

For more info about comScore Marketer, go here.

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