comScore Search Engine Rankings for October 2013

Every month at about this time, I try to post the search engine market share, the search engine rankings, for the previous month as reported by comScore. Google’s websites and web properties have 66.9 percent market share. Microsoft own sites, including, took some more market share from Google, and now has 18.1 percent of searches.

comscore search market share oct2013

66.9 percent of search queries conducted during the month of October 2013 were performed on sites owned by Google. 18.1 percent of searches were performed on sites owned by Microsoft. Previously, Microsoft had 18.0 percent of the search queries during September 2013.

19.3 billion search queries were performed by users in the USA in October 2013. 12.9 billion searches (up 4 percent) were performed on Google’s sites. Microsoft was second with 3.5 billion searches (up 4 percent), followed by Yahoo! with 2.2 billion (up 2 percent), Ask Network with 499 million (up 5 percent) and AOL, Inc. with 260 million (up 4 percent). It appears that we’re performing 4 percent more search queries across the board versus the previous month.

In October 2013, 68.4 percent of searches carried organic search results from Google, while 27.1 percent of searches were powered by Bing.

In retrospect, it’s interesting to look at the comScore search engine rankings for October 2007:

Google 57.0 %
Yahoo! 23.7 %
Microsoft 10.3 %

In October 2007, we conducted 10.5 billion searches, which was a twelve percent increase versus September 2007. Since October 2007, we have almost DOUBLED the number of search queries that we are performing every month. In October 2013, we conducted 19.3 billion searches.

October 2007 total search queries: 10.5 billion
October 2013 total search queries: 19.3 billion

Do you think we will perform 40 billion search queries in October 2019?

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