Twitter’s Innovative Use of Responsive Web Design

I am not sure if you have noticed, by Twitter has implemented what I would call a very innovative use of responsive web design. Responsive web design is where a website uses the same web design, but literally “changes” in a way that it looks good in any sized web browser–even on a tablet or smart phone.

In the case of Twitter, you can see what I call an innovative use of responsive web design when you resize your web browser. If your browser is more of a “normal” size, meaning that it takes up most of your desktop monitor’s screen, then it will look like this in the top left: [Read more…]

4 Ways to Use Social Media for Content Research

Business owners who have begun the process of content marketing and starting a blog for their company should note that they can use social media to help facilitate this process. One often overlooked methodology that should be considered is using social media for article research that will be published on your website or through offline publications. There are numerous ways that you can use social media to begin and complete the article research process. Here are four: [Read more…]

Google Adds Google Plus Sharing Button to Header

google plus sharing button

Google has just added a new Google Plus sharing button to the header, and it not only appears when you’re on Google Plus. In fact, this new sharing button now appears in the header even when you’re reading your Gmail.

Once you click on the icon, it brings down a frame where you can enter the Google Plus post:

google plus sharing

Once you enter something (enter a URL, for example, to share a blog post or article or page that you like) and add a comment, you’ll be sharing it on Google Plus.

If you are logged into your Google Account (or logged into someone else’s Google Account, ha!) then you will see this new icon/button wherever you go (on a Google-owned property). The only place where I don’t see this new Google Plus share button is when you’re logged into Google Analytics.

Here’s where this button shows up now:

Google Plus
Google Search
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Sites
Google Groups
Google Contacts

Personally, I think this is an interesting addition, as it means a few things:

— Google Plus is widely accepted enough now that people know what would happen when then click on that button, and enter data into it. They know and understand that it will show up on Google Plus.

— It could be that Google needs this button now, more than ever. They believe that by adding the button that more people will share more stuff. By sharing more content on Google Plus, it perhaps will become more popular.

I know that Google has tested various layouts and icons and buttons over the years, but this one in particular is a milestone for Google Plus. It’s been accepted enough that people know what it is. Google feels as if they don’t need to explain it to users, and that in itself is a milestone.

As you may be aware, I’m a big fan (fanboy?) of Google Plus, and have gotten a lot out of it. And, as such, I’ve written a lot about Google Plus in the past:

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Facebook Timeline Fails Yet Again

I’m getting increasingly sick and tired of how Facebook’s timeline feed is utterly failing, time and time again. Yes, yet another Facebook Timeline Fail. We really don’t know what we are missing in our Facebook timeline, and this has to take the cake. 23 hours after severe weather and high winds were reported by our local emergency agency, Facebook decided to post their post in my timeline. [Read more…]

Using SocialCentiv Twitter Marketing Software for Lead Generation


We’ve always thought of Twitter as a social media site to connect with others and see their Tweets. But did you know that there a lots of people on Twitter who are looking for products and services that you may offer? For example, someone might ask their followers about real estate agents in the area. They might need some sort of Twitter marketing software. [Read more…]

How to Get More Clicks and Views of Your Facebook Posts

Yesterday I wrote about how I was really frustrated by Facebook’s news feed, in that Facebook’s algorithm decided to show me breaking news from my local news station nearly two days after the breaking news happened. Well, since Facebook’s algorithm really is what decides which of your friends’ posts (and posts of pages that you’ve liked) you see, Facebook has made some changes to their news feed algorithm. A recent Facebook announcement about the changes they’re making shows us how we can get more clicks and views of our Facebook posts.

clickbaiting-headline [Read more…]

Facebook Shows Breaking News in Newsfeed 2 Days After Event Occurs

Thanks, Facebook. Thanks a lot. Thanks for showing breaking news (from a local news station near me) TWO DAYS after the event happened. No, not minutes or even a few hours after the breaking news event happened, but TWO DAYS after the news station posted it to Facebook.


Above, you’ll see the screen capture of what just appeared in my Facebook newsfeed, I use the term ‘newsfeed’ only because that’s what they call it–not that it’s an actual newsfeed in the actual sense of the word. This “breaking news” event, was posted by CBS DFW (a local tv news station that I’ve ‘liked’ on Facebook) on Friday, August 22nd. But Facebook chooses to actually show it to me, in my Facebook newsfeed, roughly 2 days after it occurred. [Read more…]