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When Sending a Sales Letter, Grammar Counts!

Whenever sending a sales letter to someone, even an unsolicited sales letter (aka spam), then you will have a lot more success if your grammar is correct.

From time to time I get emails from people who try to sell me search engine optimization services, and sometimes I write about them. And then there are the emails I have been getting from LinkedIn, which also are spam messages, as well. Like this one here, from some guy in Dallas. I’m in Dallas.

I got yet another LinkedIn message today, and, well, the grammar sucked. I don’t buy leads, but if I were to do something like that, then I probably wouldn’t buy this guy’s services either:

Exclusive Leads

james walter

April 6, 2015, 9:50 PM
My name is James Walter We specialize in providing Hot SEO, Internet Marketing Leads, Web and Graphic Designing, Application Development Leads. The Leads we provide are all exclusive and Unique which means your Leads would not be shared with anyone. The Leads would be as fresh as 24 hours old and our rate is also the best in market.

All I’d like to know is if you would be interested in Increasing your client base and target potential Leads that would be Sales. Can I call you to discuss your needs?

Thanks & Regards,
James Walter

Hey James Walter, well, your grammar stinks. I don’t know what Hot SEO is, so if you would be so kind to explain what Hot SEO is, that would be great. I tried to Google “Hot SEO” and couldn’t figure out what it is!

So, when sending a sales letter, please check your grammar. I recommend you use even a tool like Microsoft Word to check your grammar if you aren’t a good speller or don’t know how to use proper grammar. It’s not that difficult, people!

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