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Flvorful Launches in Beta; Monetizes Online Video Content

Flvorful, a new video ad marketplace, has launched in beta. Flvorful attempts to revolutionize the video ad marketplace by allowing advertisers to place ads on videos and paying video content producers for their content.

In this beta phase, Flvorful is inviting advertisers and publishers to try out the service that matches publishers with the needs of advertisers. According to Flvorful, “Flvorful provides one marketplace where advertisers and publishers can come together to swap ads.”

Advertisers choose targeted keywords and categories to place their advertisements. Flvorful makes it “once click away”; rather than having to contact each network and negotiating rates, advertisers can use and choose where they want to advertise to their max CPM per commercial. They are then able to track the number of times a commercial is played and clicked on and even track which shows played them and how many times. Advertisers determine how much they want to pay for their commercials.

Advertisers can play their video commercials automatically in Flash videos (up to 30 seconds in length) all over the internet, and they only pay when their ads run.

Content producers (video publishers) can sign up with Flvorful and use Flvorful to monetize their Flash videos. Publishers can set the price; payment is made through Paypal.

Currently, the following content categories are available:

— arts and entertainment
— education
— health
— real estate
— travel
— technology

Advertisers register once on the site and have access to full reports about where commercials are playing. Publishers also register once; Flvorful says that it takes minimal time to add new material.

Update: Links in this post have been removed, as they weren’t working at last check. November 16, 2014.

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