Bill Hartzer

Duane Forrester aka SportsGuy Signs a Book Deal

I’d like to be one of the first to congratulate Duane Forrester, aka Sportsguy, on getting an official book deal from McGraw Hill/Osborne.

Commenting on the book, Duane told me, “The focus is on building a blog and how to effectively monetizing it…the book includes basic information for anyone who is already monetizing their blog, but the book will be a solid, useful resource for people who are looking for a more comprehensive plan–a step-by-step plan. The book also talks about what to consider, what to avoid, and, more importantly about what actually works in the real world.”

A while back I was talking to Duane about the whole process of writing a book and the fact that he’s got the expertise to author one. I remember him saying, “C’mon, do you really think I could write a book and get it published?” Well, gosh darn it I really think so! So, luckily, I was able to convince Sportsguy to contact someone I know in the publishing world–a book agent who can really make it all happen.

The whole entire process of writing a book and getting it publish is truly a daunting task: especially with all of the tasks involved like pitching the idea, making contacts with the right people, and working with the book agent(s) to find a publisher to publish the book.

From what Duane tells me, the deadline is around June and the book is to be out on the market around September or so. Again, congratulations on the book deal, Sporty!

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