Bill Hartzer

Travoom: US-Based SEOs Need Not Apply

There’s a job opening for a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at Travoom, a site that bills itself as a “social network and marketplace for bucket list travel experiences”. But, if you’re a US-based SEO expert, then I wouldn’t bother applying for the job. Apparently, according to their recent job listing on Zip Recruiter, their next CMO must “be an international SEO/SMO expert” because the “US SEO so called experts are crap”. Their words, not mine.

You can read the job listing for a new Travoom CMO here, as long as it’s posted online.

While this seems to be a very cheeky, and I realize that they’re trying to find someone that is an International SEO Ninja and content marketing expert, I think they’ve missed the mark here and gone a bit overboard in the job description. This “Growth Hacker must have 7 years+ experience managing a companies marketing strategy, PR, SEO, content marketing, video, and scaling media campaigns” according to Travoom. Regardless, this is one of the first times I’ve seen SEO experts be described as “growth hackers”.

If you think you qualify, then be assured that for this CMO position, Travoom is looking for “someone with coding skills that can communicate with the dev team call bull shit on slow sloppy engineers, and someone that has a deep understanding of viral growth businesses.”

There are some benefits, though: “Compensation will be a package of Salary, Bonus and Equity depending upon experience and quantifiable contributions to profitability.” Most likely meaning that the salary will be low and you’ll get a bonus and equity. After all, it’s an early-stage technology company that’s based in Santa Monica.

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