Bill Hartzer

Unwanted Domain Name? Join the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange

Do you have a domain name that you just don’t want anymore? Maybe you had an idea for a really good website. And you bought the domain name. But you ended up realizing that the domain name wasn’t so good after all.

So, you just want to get rid of that unwanted domain name.

Well, here is your chance.

Daniel Zarick has started the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange program.

According to the site, all you have to do is sign up and tell them what domain you want to give away. In exchange, you will receive a domain name that someone else doesn’t want or need.

We are doing a good ol’ fashioned white elephant gift exchange. The twist: each of the presents is an unwanted web domain that the gift giver currently owns. We will do the domain exchange a few days before or after Christmas. Keep an eye on your email inbox. At the end of the exchange, I will publish a list of every domain + new owner for people to see.

I personally have a few domain names that I wasn’t going to renew. Perhaps I’ll take advantage of this and maybe even get some domains that are even better. Or, maybe I’ll be generous and give away a really valuable domain name. Just as a token of my appreciation. You never know what you’ll get!

Read more about this in the discussion on Hacker News or go to to sign up.

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