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Network Solutions Won’t Let Go Of A Domain

Despite the fact that I transferred a domain name from Network Solutions to another registrar (GoDaddy), Network Solutions still wants me to renew the domain name and has it in my account. I literally transferred the domain name and moved it because technically it’s not my domain name (I bought it for a client). The client only used GoDaddy as their domain name registrar, so I had to move it away from Network Solutions. However, days later, the domain name is still in my Network Solutions Account. At this point, I am assuming that if I don’t do anything, Network Solutions will charge me for a domain name I don’t own, and a domain name that isn’t even at their registrar anymore.

Here are some specifics about the domain name, as well as some screen captures showing that the domain name is still in my Network Solutions account.

Back last Fall 2018, I bought an expired domain name through a Namejet auction for a client of mine. The domain name is The client is in the home inspection industry, and we have plans for this particular domain name, so we were thrilled to get this particular domain name for our upcoming project. I bought the domain name and paid for it, and it was subsequently moved into my Network Solutions account (since the domain was already registered there since 1998.

Because my client has all of their domain names at GoDaddy, the domain name needed to be moved over to GoDaddy. I went through the process (several days ago, in fact) to transfer the domain name out of my Network Solutions account (away from Network Solutions). I paid GoDaddy for the transfer, which added an additional year for the domain name registration. Then, once the domain name was moved to GoDaddy, and into my GoDaddy account, I moved the domain name from my GoDaddy account to the client’s GoDaddy account. This was a rather painless process, although it does take some time (several days, in fact) to go through the transfer process.

First, I had to unlock the domain name at Network Solutions. Then, request an authorization code after a few days (after not receiving the code I had to literally call Network Solutions and request that they send it). Then, I paid GoDaddy for the transfer and had to wait yet another several days (about 5 days) for the transfer to go through. Once it was in my GoDaddy account, I was literally able to move it to my client’s GoDaddy account within minutes. Everything was complete, and it’s been several days since I moved the domain name to my client’s account. That was Wednesday, June 5, 2019. See the screen capture below:

Then, today, Friday (two days after I’ve moved the domain name), I get this email from Network Solutions:

I found that rather odd, since I transferred the domain name away from Network Solutions several days ago. Why are they trying to ask me to renew a domain name that I literally do not even own anymore? Well, apparently that’s why: Network Solutions still has this domain name in my account, and therefore they think it still is going to expire September 2, 2019.

Not only is the domain name still in my Network Solutions account, they still would allow me to renew the domain name, it shows a renewal date of September 2019 despite it now actually not expiring until 2020. Here’s the current WHOIS data:

The domain name has been transferred (days ago, I might add) to GoDaddy, isn’t owned by me anymore, yet Network Solutions still has the domain name in my account there. Clearly there’s something wrong, and I’m not sure where the disconnect happened. When a domain name is transferred OUT of a registrar, shouldn’t the registrar remove the domain name from your account? Shouldn’t Network Solutions have a record of the WHOIS data or maybe even check the WHOIS data every so often to even make sure that the domain names that are in their clients’ accounts are actually still owned by them?

I know I can get this resolved, as I recently tweeted about this and Network Solutions responded, asking me to get in touch with them. But that’s not the point here. Why is this actually happening in the first place? If it’s happening to me, surely it could happen to others?

Just as a sidenote, this is actually the last domain name I had with Network Solutions, as I recently transferred several domain names away from them because of the $39.99 renewal fees. I am paying $8.49 for .COM renewals at another registrar.

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