Bill Hartzer

Apple Reveals iPhone4N Via Domain Name Registration?

Did Apple just reveal the name of the next Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4N via a new domain name registration? Based on whois records, Apple has apparently purchased the domain name

What is interesting (and perhaps suspect) is that this domain name,, was registered through Godaddy, and not MarkMonitor. A review of the Apple domain name shows that the registrar is MarkMonitor and not Godaddy. This might just be a formality, as once you purchase a domain name it can be transferred to another registrar in the future.

The timing of this new domain name,, is interesting, though, as the next WWDC is coming soon, and it would make sense that this domain name would be purchased ahead of time. And, given the fact that the last Apple iPad went from the Apple iPad2 to the New iPad, and not the iPad3 like some suspected. The iPhone 4n name is inline with Apple’s past history of naming their devices.

Fusible also picked up on this new domain name registration, as well.

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