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How Much It Costs to Publish on Top Media Websites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and

One of the more difficult tasks for some SEOs who aren’t great content marketers is to generate great content and actually get that content published on top media websites. We’ve always known that you can, in fact buy your way onto these sites, but what does it cost? Well, I found out what one particular blogger charges to get your content published on top media websites.

Website Price $1,750 $1,250 $1,000 $800 $800 $500 $650 $500 $400 $350 $350 $350 (no_follow) $250 (No_Follow) $500 (no_follow) $250 $500 $450 $450 (No_Follow) $450 $650 $450 $500 $650

Some of these are listed as (no_follow) since the links that you get in this content placed there are, in fact, links that have the no follow link attribute added to them. No follow links would, actually be okay, especially if you are trying to diversify your links. In order for your link profile to look more natural, it’s best to have a mix of links with the nofollow attribute on them as well as links without the nofollow link attribute on them.

Keep in mind that this blogger (NOT ME) sells articles on these sites–they have obviously created an account or gotten their unique profile to a point where they can publish posts on these sites and they’re generally well accepted. They’ve done a bunch of work already to establish their accounts on these sites. They’re expensive like this to publish on these sites because the sites may not allow just anyone to publish.

We all should know the benefit of this, but for those who are reading this and don’t quite understand it: if you get your content published on these websites it will potentially send your website traffic–and you’ll most undoubtedly get a link or several links. That, in turn, will supposedly help your site rank better in the search results.

Please note that these aren’t my prices and they’re certainly not my accounts that are used here. I received the info from a writer/blogger who offers these services. And no, I don’t ever plan on (or have to) use these services. Ha!

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