Where to Get Ideas for Website Content

An old colleague of mine wrote a great blog post about website content and how it relates to search engine optimization. It’s all about a developing a content strategy whereas great content is added to your website on a regular basis, showing the search engines (and those who are reading your website and visiting your website on a regular basis) that you’re a thought leader, and that you have a website that is not just “sitting there” idle. That’s what the search engines want, and that’s what us “humans” want. Content is king. Really, it is.

So, if you are unlike me and don’t think you have the ability to just sit down and write blog post after blog post and article after article all day long, then you’re probably going to need some inspiration. Some reason for sitting down and writing, some reason for sitting down and writing a blog post (you do have a blog on your website, right?).

There are a few places where you could get articles for website content:
- hire a writer (good writers are paid well)
- sit down and write it yourself (not good if you’re not a writer)
- search for a keyword at Google, find good website content, and copy/paste it onto your website (not recommended)
- search the news and write about current events and relate them to your industry or topic (good idea, but then again there’s a time issue or maybe you’re not really a writer)
- find something like articles for website content and read up on your subject; get ideas for articles or blog posts that you could write.

Researching your topic thoroughly on the web and then reading articles that have already been written for websites is a good idea; if you don’t have a lot of money to spend right now on website content, you could consider reading through Donna Mahony’s huge list of articles that’s she’s put together. Donna is doing us all a favor by making this content available to all of us on the “honor system” (if you use any of these articles for your own use or if they inspire you to write more content for your own website), then feel free to ‘give back’ to her.

I don’t recommend that you use the “copy paste” method and literally copy these articles and let them get indexed by the search engines. You would need to rewrite them somehow or use snippets of them in order to please the search engines (Google especially doesn’t like duplicate content). So, take a look at this massive collection of ideas for website content and let me know what you think.


  1. Blogger says

    What if you have a blog on autopilot and you receive content/posts from others… Is that considered duplicate content?

  2. Solvarme says

    As a novice to blogging, I believe your information would be useful for me. As I need to grab visitors initially I would need some good content. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jom Adastico says

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful post. It’s beneficial for both the beginners and for the SEO professionals since SEO is like the talk of the town as far as web content marketing is concerned.

  4. Mike says

    I think the idea should be your own rather than you catching and translating any information or material from any other relevant site or blog. So it should be keep in mind that you new and exclusive or creative ideas would be appreciated.

  5. acai berry blast says

    Very interesting and easier way of making even a person not known about Domain and web. It’s good to read.

  6. Jerin says

    You should not have included that line about plagiarism even if “not recommended” is bracketed. Plagiarism should never be an option even as a last resort. But this article is definitely helpful for both content writers and SEO experts. And I think its fair to say that there is no duplicate for original content.

  7. Raleigh siding says

    While content is king as they say. Without back links you won’t ever be seen. I use a program called market samurai to do my research on keywords, content, competition and tons of other stuff you really need to have a high ranking site google will rank near the top. And then making sure it ranks for the right keywords is a whole different game. By the way I do not represent market samurai in any way but if you do a search for it they do allow a download of a copy of the software mac or windows

  8. sam milner says

    i find reading a great way to relax and get ideas for my blog and website then i write them down so i dont forget them in my pad then the following weeks i look at my pad with all these ideas i had put down and work off these i find it a very good way to keep my content fresh and hoprfully full of ideas great post.

  9. AKP says

    How about visiting the local library and get some good books about the issue? that will surely get you inspired.

  10. Naresh Bhandari says

    The content should be unique and it’s definitely your own idea. You can take the help from other articles but it should be your planning how to write and present on the blog. Then only it attracts your readers.