NamesCon 2014: Meet the New TLDs – .uno, .luxury, .bar, .rest, .ski, .xyz, .college

NamesCon 2014: meet new TLDs

.rest and .bar is looking to integrate more meta data into the content on the TLDs.

Daniel Negari, who has .xyz and .college. They are trying to give people from emerging markets to register a domain that meets their needs.

.luxury is a different business model. They want to make an internet for the luxury industry, different than the rest of the internet. They want to aggregate the luxury industry online. There is a place for mass products, but there is a place for people who want to reach those that dream, want to live on the top, or who are living on the top. The sunrise is beginning in a few weeks. [Read more...]

NamesCon 2014: Carolyn Goodman, Mayor, City of Las Vegas

Carolyn Goodman, Mayor of the City of Las Vegas

We are a world class city, she came here in 1964 from the East Coast with here husband and she has been here 50 years. It was the gambling meca, with the best entertainment. She came here and there were 100,000 and now there were 40 million tourists here last year. Lots of people come for shopping and for the gaming. Gaming is everywhere, and Las Vegas is the number one tourist and convention destination. [Read more...]

NamesCon 2014 Keynote: Jennifer Wolfe

namescon 2014 - jennifer wolfe

Jennifer wrote a book called Domain Names Rewired, and is a keynote speaker here at NamesCon 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jennifer is frequently hired to to consult and educate executives and brands about the new TLDs. CEOs want to know how to deal with big data. Whose budget is this coming out of? The IT folks, marketing, CEOs need to think differently. [Read more...]

Introduction to NamesCon 2014 Las Vegas

namescon 2014 jothan frakes

Jothan Frakes introduced NamesCon here at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada. There are a lot of statistics about the conference presented during his introduction:

70 percent of domain industry is here at conference.
50 percent of new TLD applicants are here at NamesCon.
Registries, Registrars are here.
Lots of domain developers here.
Service providers are here. DNS providers, research tools, transaction and escrow.
Search engines are here, including Bing.
How is search going to be impacted by new TLDs? [Read more...]

51 Sponsors I Want to Meet at the NamesCon Domain Name Conference


January 13 to 16, 2014, I’m attending the NamesCon conference in Las Vegas. This domain name conference is going to be amazing one, especially because of the speakers, the sponsors, and the attendees. Conferences are about who is there, and not just because of the type of conference it is. Nonetheless, now is a very critical time for the domain industry as a whole, as the new gTLDS are launching soon.

I wrote yesterday about the 19 People Who I Want to Meet while at NamesCon. But what about the sponsors? There are a lot of great sponsors coming to NamesCon, and here’s my list of companies that I want to meet with during NamesCon: [Read more...]

Microsoft Small Business SMB Deal Hub Coming?

Microsoft may be getting ready to launch a “Small Business Deal” hub if their plans correspond with the domain names that they recently purchased. Microsoft recently purchased and, two domain names that might indicate that they’re going to offer a deal hub for SMB (Small and Medium Sized Businesses).

micsrosoft small business deal hub

We already know that Microsoft has a Business Hub at, but they may be getting ready to offer SMBs a deal hub. That’s my speculation at this point.

Microsoft owns about 100,000 domain names, and Domain Tools reports that the email address is associated with about 100,018 domains. In comparison, is associated with about 13,344 domains, and I’m assuming that means that Google owns about 13,000 domain names.

Are Registrars Price Gouging Pre-Registration of New gTLDs?

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to register new domain names that have a new extension. Rather than the traditional .COM, .NET, .ORG domain extensions we are all used to in the past, you’ll be able to register a domain name like,,, and even or These are the new gTLDs. Here’s a list of a few of the new gTLDs that are being offered:

.bike .guru .holdings .plumbing .singles .ventures .clothing .camera .lighting .equipment .estate .graphics .gallery .photography .contractors .construction .directory .kitchen .land .today .technology .menu .sexy .tattoo

You have to buy a domain name from an approved domain name registrar, such as, Network Solutions, or GoDaddy. The registrars ultimately decide how much to charge to register a domain name. The Registry charges the registrars the same basic fee (sort of like a wholesale fee). Domain names (using a promotional code) can be as low as $1.99 for the first year and can be as high as $35 or more per year.

But what about these new gTLDs? How much will they cost to register a domain name on one of these new gTLDs? Well, it depends on the registrar.

Let’s take, for example. Since I know there are a lot of taxicab (taxis or cab) companies out there, and it’s pretty competitive, I decided to look up how much a “” domain name would be during the pre-registration period. Meaning that I can pre-register the domain name with (a registrar), and then if they are able to acquire that domain name on my behalf when the pre-registration period is over (when the domain name goes on sale), I have to pay the pre-registration price. Fine. I get that.

But shouldn’t cost the same amount as, just like it would be as if I bought or (if those domain names were available for registration)?

Well, that’s not the case. It depends on what domain name you want–regardless of the gTLD that you want to register. The price varies depend on the keyword! That sounds more like ‘price gouging’ or ‘unfair’ business practices to me. But again, I might be wrong on this one (I’ve been wrong before).

Let’s take a specific example.

If I want to pre-register it will cost me $79.20 to pre-register it. Not bad, considering the fact that if you want to “backorder” a domain name at (a domain auction service) $69, which is reasonable.


But what if I wanted to buy $960.00

name gtld newyork cab

Yep, that’s right. Nearly $1,000 if you want to pre-register a New York domain name.

HBO Isn’t Watching: And They Don’t Care Where You Watch

HBO (Home Box Office) isn’t watching anymore. And they do not care where you watch and even if you are watching it. Wait. What?!? That’s right, HBO does not care, whatsoever, where you are watching the fight.

hbo where are you watching

HBO failed to renew 16 domain names, all related to “where are you watching” or “where are you watching the fight”. I’m not sure if this was part of a planned advertising campaign at some point, or if there was some sort of campaign that they had previously had that is outdated now. I couldn’t find any references on the web related to “where are you” and there’s nothing that I could find in

However, the phrase “where are you watching” is a great brandable phrase in my opinion: it could be used for any sort of advertising campaign related to “the Big Game” such as the Super Bowl (where are you watching it), or, in this case, some sort of upcoming “big fight” (as in boxing, UFC, or otherwise).

What I find kind of interesting, though, is that in seemingly ‘normal’ conversation, this phrase is used a lot. Even in Tweets and ReTweets from @hbo:

In any case, here’s the list of domain names that HBO didn’t renew. Most likely they’ll become available for anyone to register soon:

There Are Only 2 Good Scientists Left at Microsoft Now

Well, apparently there are only two good scientists left at Microsoft now. That is, if you’re looking at the good scientist domain names that Microsoft still owns. Microsoft failed to renew four domain names recently:

And those Good Scientists will soon be available for anyone to register or acquire through a third-party backorder or domain name auction.

Apparently the folks at Microsoft who manage the company’s 56,000 domain names that the company owns believes that .net and .org TLDs (at least for these domain names) aren’t worth the investment.

No worries, though, there are still two good scientists left at Microsoft. The company still owns and

good scientists domain name

Unwanted Domain Name? Join the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange

Do you have a domain name that you just don’t want anymore? Maybe you had an idea for a really good website. And you bought the domain name. But you ended up realizing that the domain name wasn’t so good after all.

web domain white elephant

So, you just want to get rid of that unwanted domain name.

Well, here is your chance.

Daniel Zarick has started the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange program.

According to the site, all you have to do is sign up and tell them what domain you want to give away. In exchange, you will receive a domain name that someone else doesn’t want or need.

We are doing a good ol’ fashioned white elephant gift exchange. The twist: each of the presents is an unwanted web domain that the gift giver currently owns. We will do the domain exchange a few days before or after Christmas. Keep an eye on your email inbox. At the end of the exchange, I will publish a list of every domain + new owner for people to see.

I personally have a few domain names that I wasn’t going to renew. Perhaps I’ll take advantage of this and maybe even get some domains that are even better. Or, maybe I’ll be generous and give away a really valuable domain name. Just as a token of my appreciation. You never know what you’ll get!

Read more about this in the discussion on Hacker News or go to Web Domain White Elephant to sign up.