Search Engine to Put You in Control of Privacy with AskEraser is taking online privacy to a new level–by putting you in control of your privacy when searching on the internet. will soon be implementing a new product called AskEraser that will make sure that your search history is not retained by

Once you choose to use AskEraser, your privacy setttings will be indicated on the search engine results pages. You will always know the privacy status of your searches. has typically been very committed to being open and transparent about how your search data is used; and they realize that some people want enhanced privacy–thus they’re launching AskEraser soon.

To come up with enhanced privacy features and tools, talked with privacy advocates at the Washington-based Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) as part of their process of developing privacy tools that gives use, the users, the ability to better control our search experience. The results of this research is AskEraser.

As a result of the launching of AskEraser, will be the only major search engine to commit to giving their users the control to prevent retention of their search history. AskEraser is expected to be deployed on in the U.S. and U.K. by the end of the year, and worldwide early next year.

According to, in conjunction with the availability of AskEraser, will also launch a new data retention standard that will completely disassociate your search history from a your IP address or cookie information after 18 months.

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    AskEraser definitely looks like a cool idea…and will definitely cause Google and MSN and Yahoo! to look at privacy amonst searches again. I’m sure they all have been using data and tracking it extensively, maybe even serving up certain search results based on our usage. I believe Google will serve up certain PPC ads based on what they think you’ll click on.