5 Tips on Using Google Analytics More Effectively

There is a free tool that Google provides called Google Analytics. Google will give you code to copy and paste in your website. When you enter the code, Google will then give you details on your website and it will break down all of the important parts of it. The program will track your site data and provide you with summaries for important visitor details you will want to be study. You can track geographic data, gender, age, IP addresses etc.

Once you organize the data that Goggle Analytics provides you can utilize this essential information to market and promote your website. For example, if your product or service is geared towards females and you are attracting a high number of male users you may want to look at changing some of your layout or strategies to attract more women to your site.

You can define the data specifically, and get an idea of what pages are getting the most hits, other site links that users are clicking on to arrive at your site etc. The program can be set up in a basic or advanced format depending on your needs.

Some tips as to what the program will provide and what you will want to be aware of include tracking unique visitors, knowing what your site bounce rate is, outsourced links and how well they are doing, and key wording.

Key wording or phrasing is a big part of web ranking and traffic draw. You need to be aware of the various search requests and have a good number of each on your site. For example if you are running or promoting a sports gambling site you need to ensure you have specific sporting key wording. For example, people may search NFL betting, or NFL odds. If your site is gambling oriented and the majority of data or key wording is about baseball, you could be losing a high number of customers.

Your site bounce rate is a very important aspect. What this means is visitors arrive at your site and exit quickly. This can be caused by a number of things such as bots, and other website crawlers, it can also be caused by people that are being redirected incorrectly or that they are not seeing what the want. The good thing about Google’s program is it has a benchmark for what is normal vs abnormal with regard to say bots vs. human traffic. Bounce rate will let you know of your site is optimized correctly, and also if you have the right content and data for your product or service.

Link or banner sharing is a great way to promote your website and attract visitors to your site. A number of sources will charge you a small fee to host your site link, or banner on their site. These typically are sites that are well established and or are related to your product or service. The last important tip for Google Analytics that we are looking at is with regard to these referring websites. What the data provides you is essential information about who and how often people are using these links. For example lets say you are running an apple pie recipe website and you are paying Granny Smith $250 per month to have your banner or site link provided to people seeking recipes. You run the Google Analytics program and realize that you are only getting 1-2 visitors from that link. You may want to reevaluate if these costs are worthwhile.

As you can see by these few Google Analytics tips this is a very important program for your website. The data it provides is essential if you are looking to run a successful on-line business. One last tip for you and maybe the best one, Google Analytics is a free program.

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