Google Tests Site Links Search with Microsoft

I was tipped off today by a WebmasterWorld thread that Google is testing their Site Links feature that includes a search box right under the Site Links. See the screen capture below:

Google Site Links Search Box

From what I can tell, and from the short amount of testing that I’ve done, the search box appears when you search for Microsoft at It looks to me that it’s nothing but a Google custom search engine, or simply a site: command search of the domain, which includes all of their subdomains.

Being the search engine marketer that I am, I thought that I would try a few creative searches to see what I could come up with. First, I tried this search:

“search engine spam”

I thought that I would see what I can find out about search engine spam at Microsoft. Most of the results are from Microsoft’s Research area. Well, it’s certainly makes for interesting reading:

search engine spam

What’s interesting to me, though, is the fact that Google thinks that Microsoft’s Front Page 2002 has more to do with search engine spam than anything else. Go figure.

However, it’s kind of frightening to me that there are at least 1250 pages on the Microsoft site that do not have a title tag. C’mon, guys, clean up your site!

Untitled Page

Back to Google Site Links search. Site Links have been around for a while, and as a search engine marketer, I have always thought that if you’ve “done everything right” so to speak, Google will “reward you” by giving you site links. After all, I haven’t seen (yet) any sites that are “spammy” sites or sites with site links that shouldn’t have them. If you come across a site like this, I would love to see it.

By adding the additional search field to the Site Links area, it appears to me that Google has identified the fact that when Google visitors search for the search phrase “Microsoft”, they’re looking for particular information about Microsoft. So, it only makes sense that a search field be added there. After all, it’s helpful.

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  1. Josef says

    I agree. When I find sites Google’s given site links to, they tend to be good ones. Should be a goal for search engine marketers to aim for.

  2. Karl says

    I’ve been reading your site for quite a while. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is very helpful to all of us that use the search engines daily. Hopefully the Site Links feature will be a reward for quality sites. I am going to play with it myself the upcoming weekend.

  3. Tom Roompot says

    1250 pages without a title tag ?? That’s …. well, not surprising 😉 Microsoft after all can sometimes act quite noobish. Maybe they outsource to china ?;)

  4. Ajay Shroff says

    I think the additional search box is such a cool idea. No wonder Google is where they are today.

  5. Thai says

    How can people still nto have a title tage for their website? One of the first things I try to do is hit my sites from the outside to see what it looks like externally. I still have some things to tweak but man, no title tag???

  6. Sachin says

    yes google has added a new feature in their search results , link sitelinks search box to search that site also , when you search for the keyword php its the same .

  7. Jaan Kanellis says

    As long as these search boxes only show up for branded searches I am fine with it.

  8. stan says

    I just checked and Google has about half dozen docs with no title. Guess maybe when you are sloppy, its better to buy your competition (Yahoo).

    These site results can help in two ways:

    1. Help users preview sites to know which are most relevant
    2. Help show related products searches to the main search term.

    unfortunately, I think google is getting cluttered enough. This is the direction of serach engines for the years to come

  9. David Williams says

    Obviously the sites given by the google are very good ones. We gain a lot from those sites. Adding a new search box for the google seems to be good. google always has a search box from where we can search what ever we want.

  10. Szczepan says

    Yeap. This SearchBox is also avaiable when You type wikipedia, ny times. In my opinion it is because these are strongly linked in websites with huge site.

  11. kevin in bellingham says

    What is google trying to do put search boxes in the bigger sites that need to be narrowed down to a search within a search?

  12. PC Monitors says

    Yes I think that sitelinks have become more and more popular and easier to cahive within the last few months – I’m not sure if they have anything to do with the quality of the site – I hope so as I do have them on a couple of sites

  13. Cheap Guitars says

    This would certainly be an interesting thing to achieve – will people now be battling to get the search box rather than the site links?

    Nice post BTW

  14. Crowdstorm says

    I just googled ‘wikipedia’ and it came up with some quite strange site links – eg ‘chitty chitty bang bang’.
    I’m not sure how useful I think this is going to be yet – will wait for a while and then come up with my verdict!

  15. David Williams says

    Clearly the sites specified by the Google are very fine ones. Accumulating a new explore box for the Google seems to be excellent. Google forever has a search box from anywhere we can explore what ever we wish for.

  16. Catfish SEO says

    It’s no surprise to me that MSN has no title tags on some pages. And these are the guys that are gonna buy Yahoo to make it better?! LOL, please. I often wonder how many people at Google could even really SEO a site. It just goes to show you that even the BIGGEST companies have issues with SEO.

  17. skip says

    i think it’s pretty cool and make it easier to user when google add more search box,especially for the big web site like microsoft.

  18. Toronto Hosting says

    I’m not sure how useful I think this is going to be yet – will wait for a while and then come up with my verdict!