Google Now Showing Bing Search Results in Google Organic Search Results

Google’s search results keep getting better and better, no matter what type of algorithm changes they make. Yes, I’m joking. Google’s organic, natural search results are so good now they’re actually indexing and ranking Bing search results in the Google search results. That’s right, is now showing up in Google’s search results.

Let’s look at a specific example:

carpet cleaning fort lauderdale bing search

Since when is it appropriate for Google to show Bing’s search results page? I seriously thought that Google had some sort of filter for this, that they would not rank or show search results from another search engine or other “low quality content” in their search results.

Really, Google? Showing Bing in your search results is appropriate?

Here’s the actual page that is ranking:


And here is the search result in Google:


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  1. Dave says

    From it seems they Disallow indexing of /search, but not /entities, which is where this result is pointing, so there’s no reason this page shouldn’t be in the index. I do agree however, that it should be a fairly low-ranked result due to quality.

    What search query triggered this result, and what page is it on? I’m curious why you blurred that information out of the post. If it is not on the first page then I would suggest that this is in fact working as intended.

  2. says

    The search query was “fort lauderdale carpet cleaning”. It appears that after 48 hours, Google has changed/updated the search results and no longer appears in the Google search results.