6 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Many times it happens that people with online business face the most common problem. Their businesses are not giving them as much output as they expect them to make or they are not getting enough number on people on their website as they wanted to. They have trouble monetizing their website. Well, the solution to that is easy. It’s time to stop worrying about number of people on your website since you can make twice as much as you currently are, with the number of people that are already there.

It’s time to increase your conversion rate.

Screen Capture courtesy Vizion Interactive on Flickr.

Naturally, the first question we must ask ourselves is what conversion rate is. Simply put, conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers that go on to buy. In online terms, it is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase from your website. The higher your conversion rate, the faster your sales will go up.

Here are a few important techniques you can imply to increase the conversion rate on your website:

1. Aim for simplicity. Make your website easy to navigate and simple to understand. Do not go into complications! A site that is easily accessible to people, attracts a far wider crowd of potential buyers than a non-accessible site.

2. Remember that your objective is the ease of your customer. Make his life as simpler as humanly possible. When a customer decides to buy a thing, give him clear cut instructions as to what to do next. E.g. when a customer has selected something, he would definitely add it to his/her shopping cart. Have clear and easily accessible buttons that state exactly what a customer wants to do and place them somewhere where it can easily be seen by the user.

3. You won’t imagine how many people change their minds about buying a product from a certain website only because that particular website does not provide sufficient information about that product or it’s in some format that is not easily accessible to the user. Anything between 1-99% of your potential sales are lost every day only because of poor usability.

4. Again, I would like to emphasize on the importance of the customer. It is very important to know your customer completely. Where does your customer find you? Howdo they approach you? What keywords they use to access your links? These are few of the very basic things that you must know about your customer. Focus on enhancing those points that attract your customers more.

5. Another helpful tip can be to create a mental (or digital) image of your average customer. Focus on his likes and dislikes. What he looks for on the internet. Which searches does he mostly make? In short, all those things that will help you in understanding the needs and demands of your customer more thoroughly and will help you in getting your conversion rate up.

6. One more thing to keep in mind is that don’t waste the time of your customers. Keep your interaction brief and as thorough as possible in that time. Do not try to bore your customers by asking them things that you don’t really want to know. That annoys your user more than anything and might lose you some potential buyers as well.

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