Marketo Search Marketing Tools Integrated with AppExchange


Marketo, a company that provides marketing automation software that helps B2B marketing professionals drive revenue and improve accountability, has integrated their PPC (Pay Per Click) tools with Salesforce and they’re now available on the AppExchange.

Marketo AppExchange

Marketo’s Search Engine Marketing software helps optimize the process of generating leads using PPC. Business to Business marketers can now manage the entire process: from keyword management to bid optimization to landing page creation and testing.

Marketo Search Marketing currently comes in two modules, Marketo Pay-Per-Click and Marketo Landing Pages. Both are pre-integrated with Google AdWords. Both modules allow you to bridge the gap between generating pay-per-click traffic and converting traffic into leads.

Marketo Pay-Per-Click
Marketo’s pay-per-click management software drives traffic to Web sites by improving the performance of paid search marketing campaigns. The solution uses a portfolio-based bid optimization algorithm to maximize business results for a target budget. It also enables marketers to make “what if” forecasts for leads and opportunities generated from search, to manage thousands of keywords, and to continuously improve pay-per-click campaigns through rigorous A/B testing.

Marketo Landing Pages
Marketo’s landing page optimization software converts traffic into leads by letting users create, publish and test branded landing pages in minutes using an intuitive PowerPoint-like interface. Custom landing pages improve PPC campaign performance because relevant landing pages get better ranking and dramatically higher conversion rates.

The Platform is an on-demand platform that attempts to reinvent traditional customization and integration and tries to enable a whole new generation of on-demand applications that go beyond client/server computing. The Salesforce Platform allows applications to be easily shared, exchanged and installed with a few simple clicks via’s AppExchange directory, enabling all the innovation that the Salesforce Platform unleashes to benefit the entire on-demand community.

Marketo provides affordable, easy-to use- marketing automation software that helps B2B marketing professionals drive revenue and improve accountability. Marketo’s solutions automate the lead generation and lead nurturing processes, allowing marketing to generate more sales-ready opportunities, while integrated analytics bring accountability and respect to the CMO and help turn marketing from a cost center into a revenue- generating part of the company.

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