Google Domain Acquisitions Indicate Possible Future Products, Deal Advisor Service

I was browsing the list of 40 new domains names that Google has acquired today, and while there are some domains that do not make sense, there are others that may indicate possible future Google products and services. A few that caught my eye were domains related to “Google deal advisor” and “Google weekly ads”.

One interesting domain that Google has registered today was “Google Checkin”, the domain name It is interesting to note that the .COM is registered, but currently on Pending Delete Status. The .NET is not registered. Why would Google purchase the .ORG and not pick up the .NET at the same time?

Other recent Google domain acquisitions include domains related to “Google Deal Advisor”, perhaps Google is going to come up with a new service related to recommending deals?

Yet another interesting set of domains that they registered recently are all related to weekly ads. “Google weekly ads” appears to be the target keyword phrase here. In this case, they picked the .COM and the .ORG but failed to register the .NET of the same domain. There tends to be a trend here, apparently Google does not like to reserve .NET domains when getting new domains. Here is the full list for today:

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  1. Vincent DiAngelus says

    Interesting list of domains. I can see marketing plans arising out of a few of them (googlewhatyoulove and googlemyplace) and I just don’t get some of the others.

    Might be some internal uses or future Google April fools day gags.