How to Remove in Google Analytics

There’s a rogue website that is showing up as a referral in your Google Analytics. bills itself as “Semalt is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring, yours and your competitors’ positions tracking and comprehensible analytics business information.” Okay, fine. But to be honest with you, most likely you do NOT want any traffic from In fact, it’s not real visitors, it’s just a “bot” that is wasting your website bandwidth and costing you money. Real visitors are generally not coming from a website called So, to accurately see your referral and website visitor traffic in Google Analytics, I recommend removing this or “excluding” in your Google Analytics tracking. Here’s how to do that.

First, you need to log into Google Analytics. Then, click on the “Admin” tab at the top, as shown below.

google analytics admin tab [Read more...]

Google Drops Real Name Policy

Google just dropped their real name policy. So, starting now, this means that there are no restrictions on names you can use when signing up for services such as Google Plus and YouTube. As you might recall, Google+ had revised their real name policy back in 2012, saying that only .1 percent of users have submitted name appeals, and the majority (60%) of these users want to simply add nicknames. But now, they’ve changed all that. You can use any name you want.

google real name policy

Here’s part of the post and statement from Google that was just made regarding real names: [Read more...]

Google Quality Rater Guidelines 2014

I just got ahold of the latest copy of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, with a date of March 2014. It’s an interesting read, all 160 pages of this document. There are a lot of new phrases and concepts that are included in this latest version, but honestly there’s are really not many new surprises. But, if you’re in the online marketing business, are an SEO, or own a website, then you really should take a look at the latest guidelines, if just to make sure that your website or your client’s website(s) are compliant with Google’s latest Quality Rater guidelines. There may be some things that you can improve, I’ve found a few things that I’m going to pay attention to from now on when I perform complex SEO Audits for clients. [Read more...]

The Real Reason Google Removed Google Authorship Photos From Search Results

I know that’s a really long title for this post, but I wanted to get to the point with the headline. We all want to know the real reason why Google removed Google Authorship Photos from the search results, right? [Read more...]

Google Launches Cookie Choices Website

I just checked the website again, and it turns out that the website is really now live. As you might recall, I was the first one to break the news that Google bought the domain name, right after the EU ruling. Then, for some reason you could use the website for Google search. Then it went away. But now, it looks like they’ve quietly launched the website with real content.

Cookie Choices

The goal of Google’s is to “Helping publishers with cookie consent.” They go on to explain that “European laws require that digital publishers give visitors to their sites and apps information about their use of cookies and other forms of local storage. In many cases these laws also require that consent be obtained.” The website is produced by Google. [Read more...]

Google to Remove Google Authorship Photos from Search Results

Google to Remove Google Authorship Photos

I’ve always been a big fan of the photos that appear in the Google search results when the author of an article or blog posts has claimed their Google Authorship for that content. Maybe because I’ve always tried to claim my Google Authorship on everything I write, and have always had great success when it comes to my photo appearing in the search results. But now, there’s official word from John Mueller at Google that the Google Authorship photos as we know them are essentially going away.

Here’s an example of my Google Authorship photo appearing in a search result for “search engine optimization audit services”. Note that my search result listing isn’t the first one. I’m not ranking number one for that keyword phrase. However, because my photo appears in the search results, I believe I get a lot more clicks than @sugarrae’s company, who doesn’t have a photo. [Read more...]

Google Web Designer For HTML5 Sites That Work On Any Device

With everyone talking about responsive web design, and creating websites that will work on any device, Google Web Designer seems to be a pretty good option. I have my reservations, though, when it comes to it’s SEO-friendliness. But most of that can be easily fixed.

google web designer logo

I took 2 minutes. Really, only 2 minutes, to download and test out Google Web Designer on a recently-acquired domain name, Streaming Video, where I wanted to put up a real basic web page. Since that domain was previously a parked domain, and Google typically doesn’t parked domains, I wanted to put up a real basic web page so that it get re-indexed again. Once the site’s re-indexed again properly and not considered to be a “parked domain” by Google, I’ll work on developing the site. [Read more...]

Google’s CookieChoices.Org Search Engine Now 404

Well, I didn’t expect that. Or maybe I did?, the search engine (a version of Google) that Google registered and then put live for a few days is now gone.


Back in mid May, right after the European ruling came down related to the “right to remove” your details from Google, a mysterious domain name called was registered. The whois record showed that it was, in fact, owned by Google and pointed to their name servers. [Read more...]

Google’s CookieChoices.Org Is Now Live

Back on May 16, 2014, I wrote about Google registering the domain name Well, now I have discovered today that it looks like there is a version of Google’s search engine on


Currently, several of the links (like the links to the “sign in” doesn’t work), but most of the Google search engine is there. There are links to Gmail, images, and soforth. [Read more...]

Appalling: US Patent US8515941 B1: System for Generating Search Engine Spam

US Patent US8515941 B1 granted Aug 20, 2013, is titled “System for unique automated website generation, hosting, and search engine optimization”. And their websites still rank well in Google despite Google Panda 4.0.


It’s pretty rare that I out another SEO firm or company (okay, well maybe not). But this one really has me fuming this time. So blatant that they have been awarded a patent for creating web (search engine) spam. And apparently they’re pretty proud of the fact that their automated generation of websites and “invisible content” that’s read only by search engines that they tout it in their sales literature.

The system generates both unique visible content and also unique invisible content read by search engines but not typically visible to end users.

The problem I have is that Google hasn’t caught this automated spam, even with the latest Google Panda updates (which should be penalizing these types of sites). You would think that if you have a patent on your process of generating search engine spam Google would have caught it by now. Nope. Rankings are as good as ever for this company’s websites. [Read more...]